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Pay Per Click Management Services

Top of page Google ads are paid search listings that bring immediate traffic to your website! 1st on the List pay per click management services will get your website listed in front of potential customers searching on Google (and Bing) as well as on social websites like Facebook. While marketers have used pay per click services for years to drive immediate traffic to websites, PPC is also used to test various SEO strategies such as keywords and conversion rates. Some businesses with healthy organic traffic levels and well-optimized websites even use a pay per click management company for branding purposes. Let us show you how you can minimize ad spend and maximize ROI with a pay per click campaign that complements your SEO marketing efforts.

Pay Per Click Management Services

1st on the List offers a full range of PPC management services to accommodate the needs of large businesses, small businesses and everything in between. Pay per click management offers many ways to help you supplement your SEO traffic or explore new traffic sources for your business. Our Pay Per Click Advertising opportunities include:

PPC Campaign Audits

Make sure you are getting the most out of your PPC campaign and exploring all your opportunities.
PPC campaign audits are designed for companies managing their own accounts but are looking for ways to improve their pay per click management efforts. We’ll review your PPC account, help you refine your PPC ads, keywords and bid strategies, so you get a better return on investment.Read More

Google AdWords

Get instant top of page Google rankings, the world’s most popular Search Engine.
With more than two-thirds of online searches occurring on Google, AdWords is the most popular PPC Advertising platform for getting your website shown to people searching for your offerings. Google Ads include Search Ads, Mobile Ads, YouTube ads, and Google Display Network ads. Read More

Facebook PPC Advertising

Promote your brand to a targeted group of Facebooks users and reach new customers.
With over 1 billion active monthly users, Facebook will help you reach the right people. We’ll help target your message to users based on their demographic, social and personal information. Such concise targeting helps to lower PPC ad costs and increase Return on Ad Spend. Read More

Bing PPC Advertising

Advertise to a search group that typically has the highest conversion rate.
Bing Ads reach 162 million unique searchers across Microsoft and Yahoo sites. Bing searchers typically have higher conversion rates and a PPC management campaign with Bing can be a more profitable way to gain new customers. Read More

Dynamic PPC Retargeting

Recapture visitors after they leave your website without buying and turn them into a customer.
Google Remarketing Ad Campaigns let you recapture visitors who recently visited your website by showing them relevant ads as they browse the web. Retargeting your ads is fully customizable, such as showing specific products they viewed on your website.Read More

What is Pay Per Click Management?

PPC management refers to the managing of any type of online advertising where you pay for each ad impression or ad click. While anyone can be a pay per click manager it takes time, experience, and skill to run PPC campaigns well. 1st on the List pay per click management services can include:

How Will Your Business Benefit?

  • Years of pay per click expertise
  • Immediate online visibility
  • Highly targeted traffic
  • Highly motivated leads
  • Faster & more measurable results
  • Greater Return On Investment (ROI)

PPC Cost Comparison

The costs for 1st on the List Pay Per Click management services are typically small compared to the savings we are able to achieve. The top priority of our professional pay per click manager is to help grow your return on investment (ROI) and help you make financially sound decisions when it comes to running your PPC ad campaigns. Our PPC experts can design your pay per click management campaign from scratch or conduct a complete overhaul of your current PPC campaign to get even more value from each dollar spent and always keep your pay per click campaign functioning at its peak.

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