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We were recently asked to participate in an Expert Interview series with Media Shower, a Boston-based content marketing company focused on making content better. Since content plays a huge role in Search Engine Optimization (both from a visitor and Search Engine perspective) we thought this would be a great conversation.

In the interview, Chris Genge was asked several questions about current SEO best practices and what it takes for a website to rank in the Search Engines. Here are just some snippets of the interview.

Finish this sentence: “If a company’s goal is to truly be ‘first on the list’ of search engine rankings, the most important step they should take is…”

…being all in and fully committed to obtaining results. SEO is about doing as much right as possible, both on and off your website. Rankings are a cumulative total of over 200 factors that search engines evaluate. This is why SEO needs to be implemented into all operations of a company and the SEO mindset needs to flow throughout all departments.

What are some of the important qualities of an effective pay-per-click (PPC) campaign?

The most important one that comes to mind is proper conversion tracking. Accurate conversion data is crucial to making the right decisions for the direction and success of your PPC campaign. Some conversions are easier to track, such as on online purchase or even phone calls. But what if someone clicks on your ad, visits your website, and then goes to one of your stores a few weeks later to make a purchase?

How do you think SEO will change or evolve over the next several years?

One of the biggest changes in SEO we are seeing is how people search and the fact that Google wants to provide the very best and most relevant search result. It used to be that we typed in short keyword phrases, and SEO focused on optimizing for those specific keywords. Now, people are typing long strings of words into the search box and searching through voice-activated search or on their mobile devices … As a result, SEO has already started moving away from specific keywords toward answering questions and statement type searchers.

Check out the full interview and all of Chris’ answers on Media Shower.

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