7 Secrets to Create the Best Evergreen Content for SEO

At its core, evergreen content is just what it implies, content which remains relevant and applicable throughout the seasons in much the same way evergreen trees do not lose their leaves in the fall. In this article we will help you understand the definition of evergreen content for SEO and identify seven characteristics of evergreen […]


3 Ways Featured Snippets in Search Can Boost Your Website Traffic

Ever wonder what those rectangular boxes are at the top of a search engine results (SERP) page are called? Or what about how you can get your website’s information to appear in them? They’re referred to as Featured Snippets and you can have your website appear there by having the most relevant answer formatted properly on […]

Instagram Explained in 5 Minutes

Instagram is the fastest growing social media site worldwide with 23% growth in active users in the last six months alone. Users can spend hours scrolling through great photos posted by their friends, favorite celebrities, brands and products, bloggers, TV networks, and more. There are over 300 million users who share up to 60 million […]


Google Mobile Search Algorithm to Update May 2016

Over the years we have talked quite about Mobile Search here on our blog including this post about the Google Mobile Update on April 21 2015. In just a few short days we will have even more to talk about as Google launches its second official mobile search algorithm update. Here’s the announcement Google recently […]


Top 8 Mobile Website Shopping Problems According to Consumers

A recent study done by Bizrate Insights uncovers the top problems consumers experience when shopping online from their mobile device. Almost all of these relate to usability. Does your mobile website design have any of these issues? Problem 8 – Data Security Concerns (11%). Problem 7 – Not enough product information available (12%). Problem 6 […]

customer value

What Do Your Customers Really Value?

A new study by Havas Worldwide gives us some insight into the new roles that companies are expected to play beyond their pure corporate function. In one portion of the survey, participants were asked to mark the five core values they think are most important for brands to embody. Here are the top 10 highest rated […]

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The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project Explained

Clunky. Slow. Frustrating. These are the exact mobile web browsing issues that the Google-led Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project has worked rapidly in the last three and a half months to solve once and for all. Rising to the challenge of providing web pages that load faster and look better on mobile devices, this open source initiative means […]


What To Do If You Are Not Getting Leads From Your Website

I know that you want to see results from your website project.  And I know it can be disappointing when you don’t start getting results soon after you have launched the website.  It is natural to want to give up on the whole idea and conclude, “You can’t get leads for your business from the Internet”. That’s […]

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1st on the List is First on Clutch

Highest Rated Canadian SEO Firm on Clutch! At 1st on the List, we understand how crucial it is to be number one when people are searching for your company. It’s why we have staff members with over a decade of SEO experience meeting our clients’ needs and answering their SEO questions. When clients work with […]

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Performance vs Content – What Matters More?

A recent study by Limelight Networks has confirmed that high performing websites are more important to consumers than fresh and updated content. Participants were asked to rank in order of importance what they expect from a website experience. Here are the results, in order of importance: Performance (streaming with no buffering, pages loading quickly, etc.) […]

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SEO News and Google Updates – September 2015

Here’s what’s making news in the SEO community in the last several weeks. Google Says HTTPS Sites May Get Ranking Boost In a hangout this month between Bruce Clay and Gary Illyes of Google, Illyes reconfirmed that Google’s HTTPS ranking boost may serve as the tiebreaker if the quality signals for the two search results are […]

Local SEO

What You Need to Know About Google’s New Local 3 Pack

  It has been almost one month since Google replaced its “Local 7 Pack” results with its new “Local 3 Pack” results. This means that searchers only see three businesses listed in the local map results.  We briefly explain the Local 3 update in our August 2015 SEO Updates post but think this topic is […]


What is a Perfect SEO Page?

“Strive for progress not for perfection.”    (Unknown) As in all areas of life we will never achieve perfection in SEO. Just like we won’t look in the mirror one day and decide we have attained the perfect body there is always something we don’t like or something that could be improved a little more. There […]

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SEO News and Google Updates – August 2015

Here’s what making news in the SEO community in the last couple of weeks. Moz Ranking Factors Preview Moz is getting ready to publish its latest set of Search Engine Ranking Factors and gave author Eric Enge early access to some of the data. Here is what he has found: More and more Top 10 […]

Local SEO

Local SEO Opportunities Exclusive to Local Businesses

If you are a small business you can’t afford to miss the promising results of the recent study by Yodle on What Consumers Want from Local Businesses. Guess what? People love local businesses! Four out of five respondents use local businesses and nearly half say they shopped at local businesses more this year than last. […]

Link Building

Resource Roundup: Link Building in 2015

Backlinks and the process of link building has reached a unique position where website owners are being told two very different messages. The first is that Google says to avoid backlink building because it can do more harm than good. The other message is that you can’t rank without backlinks. So what is a website […]


Are Your Summer Hours Correct in Google Plus?

As the mercury on the thermometer keeps rising and the sun sets late into the evening more than 25% of small business changes their hours during summer months. Are you one of them? If so you have probably already updated these hours on your front door and on your website, but did you remember to […]

Internet speed

Bing to Encrypt Search Queries Starting This Summer

Bing has recently announced that they will now encrypt search traffic by default starting sometime this summer. This comes from a commitment to help keep data safe and secure, and following the industry’s general move to use TLS protocols. Bing users have had the option to encrypt searches for the last year and a half […]

Google My Business
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One More Reason to Claim Google My Business Listing

The newest Google Maps App update for Android now warns users when a business they are navigating to is either closed or will be closed by the time they arrive. A message pops up that reads, “Your destination may be closed by the time you arrive.” This is just one more reason why you need […]


What is a Spammy Website? How Many Spam Factors Does Your Website Have?

In the last couple of months Open Site Explorer released a new Spam Score Metric as a way to evaluate your backlink profile and measure penalization risk for unnatural backlinks. The original purpose of the tool is to check spammy backlinks to your website, evaluate potential links, conduct link cleanup and help with disavowing files in Google Webmaster Tools. However […]