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SEO News and Google Updates – September 2015

Here’s what’s making news in the SEO community in the last several weeks. Google Says HTTPS Sites May Get Ranking Boost In a hangout this month between Bruce Clay and Gary Illyes of Google, Illyes reconfirmed that Google’s HTTPS ranking boost may serve as the tiebreaker if the quality signals for the two search results are […]


What You Need to Know About Google’s New Local 3 Pack

  It has been almost one month since Google replaced its “Local 7 Pack” results with its new “Local 3 Pack” results. This means that searchers only see three businesses listed in the local map results.  We briefly explain the Local 3 update in our August 2015 SEO Updates post but think this topic is […]

What is a Perfect SEO Page?

“Strive for progress not for perfection.”    (Unknown) As in all areas of life we will never achieve perfection in SEO. Just like we won’t look in the mirror one day and decide we have attained the perfect body there is always something we don’t like or something that could be improved a little more. There […]

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SEO News and Google Updates – August 2015

Here’s what making news in the SEO community in the last couple of weeks. Moz Ranking Factors Preview Moz is getting ready to publish its latest set of Search Engine Ranking Factors and gave author Eric Enge early access to some of the data. Here is what he has found: More and more Top 10 […]

Local SEO Opportunities Exclusive to Local Businesses

If you are a small business you can’t afford to miss the promising results of the recent study by Yodle on What Consumers Want from Local Businesses. Guess what? People love local businesses! Four out of five respondents use local businesses and nearly half say they shopped at local businesses more this year than last. […]

Resource Roundup: Link Building in 2015

Backlinks and the process of link building has reached a unique position where website owners are being told two very different messages. The first is that Google says to avoid backlink building because it can do more harm than good. The other message is that you can’t rank without backlinks. So what is a website […]


Are Your Summer Hours Correct in Google Plus?

As the mercury on the thermometer keeps rising and the sun sets late into the evening more than 25% of small business changes their hours during summer months. Are you one of them? If so you have probably already updated these hours on your front door and on your website, but did you remember to […]

Bing to Encrypt Search Queries Starting This Summer

Bing has recently announced that they will now encrypt search traffic by default starting sometime this summer. This comes from a commitment to help keep data safe and secure, and following the industry’s general move to use TLS protocols. Bing users have had the option to encrypt searches for the last year and a half […]

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One More Reason to Claim Google My Business Listing

The newest Google Maps App update for Android now warns users when a business they are navigating to is either closed or will be closed by the time they arrive. A message pops up that reads, “Your destination may be closed by the time you arrive.” This is just one more reason why you need […]


What is a Spammy Website? How Many Spam Factors Does Your Website Have?

In the last couple of months Open Site Explorer released a new Spam Score Metric as a way to evaluate your backlink profile and measure penalization risk for unnatural backlinks. The original purpose of the tool is to check spammy backlinks to your website, evaluate potential links, conduct link cleanup and help with disavowing files in Google Webmaster Tools. However […]


Why Online Reputation Management Services Matter More Than You Think

Consider the wise words of Warren Buffet: “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it.” All it takes is one disgruntled customer signing into Facebook, Google, or Yelp and writing a harsh review of their bad experience with you. Their review is permanently posted on the Internet for all future customers checking […]

8 Types of Content Your Online Shoppers Actually Care About

Do you know what is actually turning your online shoppers into buyers? Are big images of your product more important that short video clips? Does a review from another shopper more likely to convince the shopper to buy, or is it because the product is currently a trending bestseller that the shopper makes the purchase? A […]

What You Don’t Understand About SEO and Why It’s Hurting Your Business

Search Engine Land recently posted an informative article in which author Trond Lyngbø shared the ways a leader with a “quick fix” attitude towards SEO can hurt their business. In this blog post we’d like to unpack several of the very important and common misunderstandings towards SEO that he points out. 1. Great SEO can’t fix what’s […]


Google Algorithm Quality Update – May 2015

Google recently confirmed that it indeed changed its algorithm earlier this month. Many website owners and SEO’s started noticing changes in rankings in early May although Google kept saying there were no updates. Some were even calling it the “Phantom Update” because everyone noticed something was happening but Google wouldn’t acknowledge it. Finally Google confirmed […]

Google Webmaster Tools Now Called Google Search Console

Google is making some big changes lately including rebranding Google Webmaster Tools to Google Search Console this morning. For the last ten years Webmasters, website owners, SEOs, programmers, designers and others have been using this system to help troubleshoot their website. Google says that the new name better reflects everyone who uses the tool and cares […]

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Why Do WordPress Websites Get Hacked?

Uh oh! You’ve just received a Google Webmaster Tool notice saying “Hacking Suspected”: Or perhaps you’re checking out how your website looks in Search Results and you see this small message by your website: This website may be hacked. Google adds this warning message to websites it believes a hacker has changed some of the […]


8 Basic Facts Every Small Business Owner Needs Know About SEO

If you don’t know these facts you’re not alone. Most small businesses we speak to aren’t quite sure about these basic fundamental SEO concepts. We’ve made it our mandate to help small businesses understand these facts whether they choose our SEO services or not! SEO is simple in concept. Search Engine Optimization is simply the […]

Bing Claims 20 Percent Search Market Share in 2015

The latest numbers by comScore are out and Bing search percent has officially hit the 20% market share in the US: Entity Share % (March 2015) Google Sites 64.4% Microsoft Sites (Bing) 20.1% Yahoo Sites 12.7% Ask Network 1.8% AOL., Inc. 1.1% The Bing vs Google percentage debate is still ongoing. Google is still very […]

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What’s Important Content for B2B Conversion Optimization?

A recent study by KoMarketing, Huff Industrial Marketing and BuyerZone examined the most important content for B2B buyers and what factors on a website can impact their buying decision, for better or worse. Here are the key takeaways. Does your B2B website content strategy include these popular elements? 1. Thorough contact information is the most important piece […]