Keyword Ranking Fluctuations

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We always caution our clients that SEO is a long-term affair and to not get caught up in the short term results. Part of this reasoning is because of the layered approach of a well-executed SEO campaign, but also because right out of the gate, a website’s positioning in the search engines is expected to fluctuate.

Once a search engine finds out about your new website, it will begin the spidering process. As this occurs, it will test drop you in a variety of search positions. Google even has people who help index by hand, meaning, they take a look at your website and the search query to determine relevancy.

In addition, it can take some time for search engines to spider every piece of content on your website. Every time you add new content, the search engines are triggered to begin to rank it. Good content can help boost that piece, but also the entire site whereas bad content can do the reverse.

When it comes to new content and websites, Google cautions to expect rankings to fluctuate and even jump on and off the rankings altogether until the search engine can best ascertain where the website should naturally fit for that result.

It pays to be patient and have a professional monitor this fluctuation. They know what’s normal and when it might be a sign to investigate more thoroughly.

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