A successful team is all about working well together.

As we collaborate to ensure the online success of each and every client, our SEO team is also actively supporting, sharing and helping to improve each other’s knowledge and skills.

Search Engine Optimization requires a lot of team work as it brings together many specialized skill sets: the strategist, the web optimizer, the developer/designer, the analyzer, the writer and the client.

From SEO Consulting to Optimized Content Development, to Project and Campaign Analysis, 1st the List’s goal is to help our clients achieve a website that attracts the right type of traffic that converts into customers and profit.

Your SEO project deserves the best creative, analytical and knowledgeable team possible, so to that end we are committed to helping your business flourish and achieve the greatest ROI possible.

Chris Genge
President & Founder

Since the beginning in 1997

As the founder of 1st on the List Promotion Chris leads our growing company and is responsible for Business Development and major SEO Consulting projects. Don’t be fooled – Chris’s background is actually in Engineering. Technical expertise and upfront practical approach meets creative intellect drives his passion for helping clients define their website goals and moving them forward to achieve great results. Chris was one of the very first to be certified by Bruce Clay. When he’s not racing to get his clients to the top of their game and ahead of their competition he’s on the racetrack.

Tony Hutchcroft
Lead Project Strategist & Content Optimizer

17 years with 1st on the List (since Google was still a baby!)

Tony loves coffee, music and writing. With nearly 2 decades of content optimization experience, he’s well versed in everything SEO. Tony has worked with clients from virtually every industry making him the proverbial “Jack of all Trades.” From developing in depth content strategies and consulting with clients to creative and technical writing plus website design coaching, Tony is one of our client’s most valuable resources. Tony’s love for the creative extends to writing his own music, performing with his band and producing multi-media charitable fundraisers.

Angela Tucker
Site & Server Auditor & Technical SEO Specialist

20 years with 1st on the List

Angela is the technical brains behind implementing backend source code and tweaking websites just so. Often times her work isn’t visible to the untrained eye but is definitely noticeable in terms of traffic increases and improved site performance. Eager to learn the newest trends in SEO including AI, Featured Snippets, etc…, Angela is always going the extra mile for all her clients. Angela worked in our head office for 3 ½ years but now telecommutes since she and her family opted for the low key island life and made the move across the waters to Vancouver Island. Flipping houses with her husband is also one of her passions.

Robin Namur
Web Designer & Developer

6 years with 1st on the List

Robin has been designing website since she was 12 years old when she thought to herself that web design couldn’t be that difficult. Initially self-taught Robin has a natural knack for designing in WordPress and helping clients create websites that are user friendly, attractive and Search Engine friendly. She loves websites that have great design and clean code. Since joining our team in 2010 Robin has not only designed websites but has also implemented client training for updating their own websites, mobile friendly website design plus security plans. When Robin isn’t in the office she is at the stables with her daughter and her horse Ruby.

Carissa Krause
Marketing & Social Media Specialist

6 years with 1st on the List

Carissa joined the team after graduating with her BBA in Marketing from the University of the Fraser Valley. Willing to take on anything, Carissa helps to fill in all the missing pieces. She stays busy managing her own clients, looking for new marketing opportunities, keeping the company blog updated, helping brands get social plus keeping clients updated on their campaign progress. In love with Houzz and Pinterest Carissa recently finished her first major home renovation and lives to tell about it.

Mike Billyack
PPC Account Manager

7 years with 1st on the List

Mike is based out of Toronto, Ontario where he masterfully manages all of our PPC client’s campaigns. Knowing how to maximize ROI while minimizing budget spend, Mike is responsible for bridging the gap between SEO and PPC. Mike was recently invited and attended the Google Engage All Star Summit at the Googleplex in Mountainview, CA; a summit hosted by Google as a way of recognizing and rewarding the top 100 PPC agencies in North America.

Neeraj Varma
Local SEO and Marketing Strategist

4 years with 1st on the List

Based out of Calgary, Alberta Neeraj is experienced in running local SEO campaigns that focus on specific service areas. Neeraj looks out for your best interest when it comes to optimizing your website and business location for local search. He is also an endless supply of advice for branding, public relations, review management and user experience. When it comes to promoting your business online to those in your own community you’ll want Neeraj in your corner.

Jonathan Kelly
Link Acquisition Specialist

2 Years with 1st on the List, Bringing Years of Experience

Based in beautiful Vancouver BC, Jonathan joined the team in early 2016. He first started learning SEO back in 2004 when working for a small web design firm in Montreal. Spending countless hours lurking around the industry’s top SEO forums and blogs, he put the theories to practice and soon was spearheading the SEO efforts of the company. In 2009 he relocated to Vancouver where he continued work as a freelance SEO. Over the years, he has honed his expertise in the area of link building, where he prides himself in “white-hat” methods, focusing on merit-based links that stand the test of time. When he’s not helping clients grow their backlink profile, he’s building fantasy hockey teams or enjoying BC’s micro-brewery scene.

Donald Kim
AdWords PPC, SEO, Digital Marketing Specialist

One of Our Newest Recruits, Bringing Years of Experience

Based in Vancouver, BC, Donald is passionate about all things digital, including SEO, AdWords, Content, Social Media, and Inbound Marketing. Donald is accredited with an MBA, Project Management, Google AdWords & Analytics, Bing, Hootsuite Social Media, and HubSpot Inbound & Email Marketing. He’s an active member of the BC Chapter of the American Marketing Association (BCAMA), Project Management Institute (PMI), and Greater Vancouver Board of Trade.

Bogdan Nazaruk
Technical SEO and Analytics Expert

One of Our Newest Recruits, Bringing Years of Experience

Bogdan’s rich background as a developer (with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Software Engineering) combined with his deep understanding of Search Marketing brings two skills together that are very hard to find in the SEO/PPC world. He is very methodical and technical in any analysis he performs. Bogdan is driven by helping his client get reliable data and make data-driven decisions to grow their business.

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