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There are so many platforms to build a website in, and undoubtedly, WordPress is one of the most popular. For many businesses, this is a popular choice because it allows them the ability to have a website within a popular CMS platform. Plus, when using a theme or a template, a professional looking website can be created at a fairly reasonable price point.


The Pitfalls of a WordPress Theme

WordPress themes and templates are designed for ease of use; however, sometimes the very things that make them easy, make them difficult moving forward. When your website is built within a theme or a template, you are locked into the features and attributes of that theme and it can be hard to do customizations.

WordPress is home to a variety of plugins that make it easy to have complex features on a website. Unfortunately, many of these plugins can bloat or weight down your site which can result in decreased performance and speed.


The Pitfalls of Custom Design

Sometimes, custom website design can be cost prohibitive when compared with a template or theme design. It can also take longer to build.

Generally, if you’re aiming for a good return on investment, lead generation and top SEO results you will either want a custom design or a hybrid of custom design and WordPress theme. WordPress is highly customizable and top, experienced developers and programmers can create amazing features and designs with quality code that will not weigh down your website.

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