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About This Project

Client: Willson Design Group Ltd.

Willson Design is a fourth generation Architectural Design company that designs custom dream homes all over the Fraser Valley, Lower Mainland and throughout BC.

It had been several years since we launched Willson Design’s previous website and with their recent rebranding it was time to give them a fresh new look.

Our focus this time around was improving website speed, making their project photos a focal point throughout all pages, and further differentiating what sets their services apart from their competition. The website is also very mobile friendly and easy to browse from any device.

Once again, a big emphasis was placed on the Project Gallery in order to showcase finished results of their custom home plans. Our designer created a Pinterest style board for each project making it easier for visitors to seamlessly scroll through images and enlarge the ones that catch their attention.

With so many beautiful, large images of their work to display throughout the website image optimization was a must to keep the website fast and ensure pages loaded instantly. In the long run, this will guarantee a better user experience and ensure Google likes to visit the website and show Willson Design in search results.

We also helped launch the website with an SSL certificate so that it is now fully secure for visitors – HTTPS – and set up all the proper redirects needed to make this work properly.

As an added benefit, we also provided the client with a refresher course of how to update content, add new projects to their gallery, and even update images in page headers so that they can make their own changes moving forward.

The new website design will make a definite difference in bringing in new clients.

From the Client

“As one of the final pieces of our rebranding process we had 1st on the List redesign and launch our new website. We’re a building design firm that specializes in custom homes and it was our highest priority to have our website showcase our work and diverse range of projects.

One of the biggest improvements in our new website is how fast it is. I know that we had visitors leaving our old website because pictures were slow to load – now pictures appear in a split second – there’s no waiting around. 1st on the List took all of our large high-quality image files and optimized them prior to loading into the website as well as ran several site speed tools to make the new website as fast as possible.

The design gallery is also much easier to browse and gives our visitors a very good idea of what we are capable of doing. When consulting with new clients I now use the website as a tool to show what we can do and help clients decide what they want in their house plans.

Throughout the process 1st on the List was receptive to our ideas and feedback and willing to try out our ideas to see how they would look on the site. They also gave valuable input – both from a creative and practical stance – to produce an outstanding finished product.

The site has only been live for a few weeks and we are already getting great feedback. I believe that the website truly captures the spirit of our company and the value we offer. I know it will be a valuable stream for attracting new clients in the coming years.”

– Cam Krause – Senior Building Designer

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