How do you know if your website is secure for your customers?

1st on the List offers WordPress Security Maintenance plans, designed to protect the integrity of your website.

These plans are designed to give you the peace of mind that we are taking a proactive approach to protect technical health of your website and the trust of your visitors.

Ask us today how our maintenance plans keep your website up-to-date and protected by using the latest WordPress security patches and updates.

Why Does My Website Need Maintaining?

When your website is first launched it has all the current patches installed to protect it. However, over time these become ineffective at preventing new types of fraudulent activity.

Unfortunately we have recently seen an increased number of cases from across the web where WordPress websites are hacked, harmed and changed because outdated security patches made them especially vulnerable to outsiders.

When this occurs, malicious scripts or unwanted code can be added to your website, compromising the credibility and trustworthiness of your company.

These issues have detrimental effects to your company causing unwanted downtime and when left unattended hurting your company’s image and harming any Search Engine rankings you have.

Benefits of a WordPress Maintenance Plan

WordPress is a platform that is in constant development to fix known issues, close security loopholes and add new functionality.

Regular attention to keep your WordPress platform up to date helps to:

  • Keep your website safe and secure for visitors
  • Optimize your website’s performance with faster load times
  • Increase the SEO-friendliness of your website
  • Stabilize and protect the content on your website
  • Ensure rapid disaster recovery should anything occur

What is Included in the 1st on the List Website Maintenance Plan?

We offer our WordPress Maintenance Plans as a stand-alone service for clients who had their website designed by another source and as an Add-On service for web design clients.

The activities performed throughout the month to protect your website include:

  • Installing the latest WordPress Core Files
  • Updating Themes and Plugin Updates
  • Removing any malicious scripts or code
  • Scheduling and running monthly backups of your website and blog
  • Any other maintenance services related to keeping your website secure
  • Running bug fixes should unwanted activity occur
  • Reinstating website to its most current backup copy should an disuse occur
Remember, the vulnerability of your website can be minimized by taking a proactive approach that involves continuously monitoring available updates and implementing updates onto your website.

This is very similar to installing the most up to date antivirus software on your computer.

Take a Proactive Approach to Protecting your Website

We can build our maintenance plans into any of the websites we design or we can maintain websites that we did not create. 1st on the List also offers WordPress Training Services. To talk with our WordPress Website Developer for more information about how we can improve the function and security of your WordPress site, please call 1-888-262-6687 or

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