Site Audit AwardBefore we begin our 1st on the List Search Engine Optimization Services we always recommend conducting a thorough SEO Site Analysis and SEO Server Analysis (web host server review).

What Is A “Site and Server Analysis”?

Essentially, we want to ensure that your website is set up and hosted properly because this matters to the Search Engines and how your website will rank in the future.

A site and server analysis will help us “take stock” and understand exactly where your site is currently and what will be necessary to help with search engine optimization.

SEO Site Analysis Will Look at Your Website:

  • Is your website set up properly?
  • Is there anything on your website that might be considered “deceptive” or “spam”?
  • Is your source code optimized or problematic and creating issues for the search engines?
  • Are there any “back-end” issues that would prevent the search engines from accessing your pages properly?
  • Are there any “front-end” issues that need to be addressed?

Web Host Server Review Will Look At Your Host Server Set Up:

  • Does your website have a proper server configuration?
  • Is the firewall set up properly?
  • Does your server have a good response time?
  • Do you have a unique “dedicated” IP address?
  • Can your server be crawled easily by the search engines?
  • How reliable is your host server?

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Help the Search Engines Help You

Many website owners may not even be aware that their website and/or host server setup may be creating problems for the search engines.

Before the search engines can rate and rank your web pages they must be able to:

  • Access all your web pages
  • Crawl through and understand what your web pages are about

By making sure that your site and server are properly set up and optimized you are essentially helping the search engines.

SEO Website Analysis Report

Once our 1st on the List SEO Consultants have completed your SEO site check and web host server analysis you will receive a complete site and server analysis review; a search engine optimization site report.

This review will highlight the potential problem areas that need to be addressed either by your web master or through our search engine optimization services.

The report will also include additional issues that need to be addressed such as, among others:

  • Orphaned Pages
  • Broken Links
  • Duplicate Content Problems
  • Page Rank Leakage
  • Slow Loading Pages

By addressing whatever issues that the SEO Site Analysis and SEO Server Analysis uncover, you will improve your website and your website performance, and create a good solid foundation for further search engine optimization services like SEO Keyword Research and website content optimization.

Do You Need a Site & Server Analysis?

There are over 200 different criteria that the search engines use within their algorithms to determine where your web pages should be ranked and listed; the more areas that you can address the better.

Site and Server Analysis, Search Engine Optimization Services and Link Building Strategies improve your website.

They also improve your chances of having your web pages properly spidered, indexed, ranked and listed in the top organic search engine listing results.

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