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Here’s Why Business Reputation Management Is Important for Your Brand:

Every day your reputation is front and center for everyone that searches for your business name! If you have a negative review you are losing business.  If you have no reviews showing up in search results and your competitors have good reviews, they are getting a good chunk of customers that you could have had.

Not only do reviews influence what searchers think about you, online reviews are also a major factor in PPC and Organic rankings! Search Results with reviews get clicked on more often and the higher click through rates send very strong signals to Google that your website is a relevant result. In turn, Google keeps giving you a more prominent listing. Reviews can also help lower Cost-Per-Click in your PPC campaign.

Best of all reviews send you hot, qualified, pre-sold customers because buyers trust reviews. Over 60% of people will read online reviews when making their decision about a local business. Other studies show that:

63% of shoppers are more likely to contact or purchase from a business that had positive reviews (eVOC and RelevantView).

80% of people will change their mind about purchasing a product/service after reading negative information online, even if it was recommended to them (CONE Communications).

People are 2x as likely to click or contact a business with ratings or reviews compared to business listings without ratings (

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Online Review Management Details

1st on the List has partnered with ReviewJump, an online reputation management company that makes it easier than ever for location-based businesses to get more new customers and boost employee profitability.

Their online reputation management system and tools are a safe, quick, and simple way to build a credible 5-star online reputation that will influence potential customers, without having to worry about negative reviews. The overall goal of the system is to grow both the quantity and quality of online reviews in order to build brand equity that will stay online for years to come.

As you get “word of mouth” testimonials online you’ll naturally attract new referrals and sales!

Saves you time and money.

When our reputation management software is fully integrated with your CRM database, ReviewJump will automatically send feedback surveys and track your online reviews so you don’t have to. When a new review is captured, we’ll notify you via email. And since ReviewJump can be set up to automatically survey your customers, it’s another task you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Asking customers for feedback is easier than ever.

No longer is it awkward or complicated to explain to your customers how to write a review. Our review management software will automatically survey customers through text message and/or email and capture their honest feedback.

Convenient for everyone.

With the use of text messaging, email, device detection and automation our Online Reputation Management tool removes as many obstacles as possible for your customers to leave you a 5-star review. Your customers will love it!

Stop negative reviews before they hurt you.

It is impossible to please everyone 100% of the time. Our review system filters negative feedback and brings it to your attention in real time so that you can “make it right” … before the customer even has a chance to post a negative review online!

Brand Reputation Management Success Story!

Recently in the first month and a half of using our reputation management strategy and software, one of our clients was able to raise their overall star rating on Google by getting:

  • 130 positive feedback responses
  • Over 20 new published reviews on Google
  • 15 new published reviews on Facebook
  • 4 new confirmed reviews on Yelp

The system also successfully filtered out 5 negative feedback responses before being posted publicly.

Our Reputation Management Services Include …

At 1st on the List, our online reputation management services gives you the most powerful and simplest way to turn customer feedback into 5-Star Reviews.

  • Effective Text Message and Email system for capturing reviews.
  • Full integration with over 200+ CRM Systems for 100% automation.
  • Intelligent Feedback Funnel that sends positive reviewers to Review Sites like Google and Yelp.
  • Real time reputation alerts.
  • Live Review Dashboard and Reports.

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It’s time to ensure your business’s reviews are in good order and in abundance, making YOU the preferred choice for potential clients and customers. Let’s get you started right now with a safe and simple way to build a 5-star reputation on autopilot.

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