Discover How Reputation Marketing Can Give You More Customers, Position You as the Industry Leader,
nd Send You Hot, Prequalified Leads

What are customers saying about you?

Here’s Why Reputation Marketing Is Important for Your Business:

Every day your naked reputation score is front and center for everyone that searches for your business name! If you have a negative review you are losing business.  If you have no reviews showing up in search results and your competitors have good reviews, they are getting a good chunk of customers that you could have had.

Customer reviews are a major factor in PPC and Organic rankings! Search Results with reviews get clicked on more often and the higher click through rates send very strong signals to Google that your website is a relevant result. In turn, Google keeps giving you a more prominent listing. Reviews can also help lower Cost-Per-Click in your PPC campaign.

Reviews send you hot, qualified, pre-sold customers because buyers trust reviews. Over 60% of people will read online reviews when making their decision about a local business. Other studies show that:

63% of shoppers are more likely to contact or purchase from a business that had positive reviews (eVOC and RelevantView).
80% of people will change their mind about purchasing a product/service after reading negative information online, even if it was recommended to them (CONE Communications).
People are 2x as likely to click or contact a businesses with ratings or reviews compared to business listings without ratings (

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Online Reputation Marketing Details

Now you have a safe, quick and simple way to build a credible 5 star online reputation that will influence potential customers, without worrying about negative reviews. Our easy to use Review Dashboard and Email Marketing System makes it easy to monitor your online reputation in real time. Together with the expertise of our SEO Reputation Manager our approach will help you build brand equity that will stay online for years. As you get “word of mouth” testimonials online you’ll naturally attract new referrals and sales!

With our Online Reputation Management system you can take complete control of building your brand online while ranking higher and increasing your profits. Our reputation experts will help you set up a simple, safe and automated system that works to build a reputation that most brands only dream of.

Asking customers for feedback is as easier than ever.

No longer is it awkward or complicated to explain to your customers how to write a review. Effortlessly send customers an email with a link to leave feedback from their desktop or mobile device.

Collect and monitor customer feedback 24/7.

Boost profits by collecting valuable feedback from customers and building a 5 star online reputation. You can monitor reviews in real time down to the employee or department level to make sure you’re exceeding customer expectations at all times.

Customers complete a simple 30 second form.

Using our Feedback Loop process, your customers give you a Star Rating and leave a quick comment about their recent experience. This takes just 30 seconds!

Real time reporting and alerts.

You and your management team get real time email and or text alerts when new positive and negative feedback.

Positive reviews are posted across the web.

Customers with positive things to say about your business are encouraged to share their experience on Review Sites such as Google+ and Yelp, plus you can share the reviews on your own website and your Social Profiles.

Stop negative reviews before they hurt you.

Our feedback loop filter flags negative reviews and brings these to your attention in real time so that you can “make it right” … before the customer even has a chance to post a negative review online!

Our Reputation Management services include …

At 1st on the List, our reputation management system gives you the most powerful and simplest way to turn customer feedback into 5-Star Reviews.

  • Easy to use and manage Customer Feedback Dashboard.
  • Effective Email Marketing System for capturing reviews.
  • Intelligent Feedback Funnel that sends positive reviewers to Review Sites like Google+ and Yelp.
  • Customized review website for your business.
  • Review promotion on your own website and social profiles.
  • SEO-boost for Reviews across the web.

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