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Focus on growing your website visibility, attracting new customers, and building your online brand with our regional SEO and local search marketing strategies designed for small businesses wanting more than just a “one-size-fits-all” SEO strategy. If your customers are located in a few different cities or regions then our local search packages are for you.

1st on the List’s regional SEO search marketing approach is designed to optimize your website for multiple cities within a region and for all the products and services that you offer. This means you will attract customers from all the cities that you do business in and not just the local city where you are located.

What is Regional Search Marketing?

1st on the List Promotion’s regional SEO campaigns have all the same features of a full scale SEO package that a large corporation may have but are much more affordable because you are only working to achieve visibility in your local areas and because your website is much smaller to optimize.

Generally there is less competition and it’s easier to make it to that top spot. In fact, region specific SEO and local search marketing strategies are highly effective in optimizing your website for geographic locations within your community, town, city, district, province, or state. After all, this is where your potential customer base is located.

How Can Local Search Marketing Help You?

The end goal of local search is not just to get rankings. It is to bring traffic to your website that will turn into new customers, whether it be a new client for an accountant, an extra reservation for a restaurant, or an extra construction job for a contractor. There are several ways you will benefit from investing in regional SEO and a local search marketing strategy with 1st on the List:

  • Grow traffic to your website over time
  • Start ranking for a large variety of generic and location specific terms over time
  • Create a positive visitor experience and turn lookers into buyers
  • Turn your website into a revenue generator rather than an expense
  • Build your brand and credibility as a business with expertise in your areas of specialty

Our Regional Search Engine Optimization Services Include …

As mentioned our regional SEO campaigns include the same features as larger packages including a full Website Audit that looks at 50+ factors affecting how search engines rank your website, Keyword Research to ensure your website uses the words that reflect what people are actually looking for, and Analytics and Reporting to track website traffic and leads. A local SEO Plan also includes these local search engine optimization strategies crucial for regional businesses.

Start Regional Search Marketing Services Today

If you have location specific customers and regional target markets, along with little or no online presence, we can help you with local search marketing for small business! 1st on the List has helped small businesses throughout Canada and North America grow their business and achieve high profile local presence in their communities.

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