Once the official Site Audit and Keyword Research is completed it is time to get to work.

The “On Site” component of our Vancouver Search Engine Optimization Services is a process that focuses on making your website the most relevant for what your customers are searching for. We do this by ensuring that your chosen target keywords are supported in the page content, and that your source code and website configuration makes it easy for the Search Engines to understand:

  1. What products or services your offer
  2. Who you offer them to
  3. Where customers can find them

Remember that while the focus of SEO is to target the Search Engines it is crucial to focus on customer usability and relevance. We can help you maintain this focus through several of our optimization strategies listed below.

SEO Content Optimization

Depending on the website’s existing content there are two primary ways we will optimize the text on your website:

1. Optimize existing page content

We will help naturally integrate targeted keyword phrases plus keyword variations into your text so that each page has a clear theme or focus. During this process we will also incorporate branding and action statements to motivate visitors to become customers.

2. Create new pages to support existing content

If your website is lacking content we will also write new pages to properly target keyword phrases from the Keyword Research. This ensures that there is enough content on your website to obtain rankings for the targeted terms and provide a good user experience when a visitor clicks on your organic listing.

Internal Link Structure Optimization

Having the pages of your website properly connected or linked is important because your link structure:

  1. Helps visitors navigate the website
  2. Helps Search Engines understand how your content is connected

During the optimization process we check how well your internal website pages are linked together. We will optimize existing text links on your website and help to distribute “link juice” so that the Search Engines can recognize and rank your most important pages.

Meta Data, Page Headings and Alt Tags

Making sure that the meta data (the title and description often displayed in Search Engine results) is optimized and acts as a powerful sales tool is another critical component of SEO. Natural keyword integration into these areas needs careful attention to make sure that SEO Best Practices are followed.

Adding Page Headings and Sub Headings throughout the text helps to improve user experience while Alt Tags (such as Image Alt Tags) help the Search Engines understand any non-text based content on your website.

Sitemap Creation

There are two sitemaps we create and optimize which look similar but have two very different purposes:

1. Sitemap.xml – Created for the Search Engines

This sitemap is an additional way to ensure the Search Engines can properly find and index all of your website’s pages. Remember, if the Search Engines can’t find your pages they will not appear in Search Results.

2. HTML Sitemap – Created for Visitors

This sitemap maps help your visitors find specific pages if they do not find them in the website’s navigation.

User Experience Optimization

Our focus throughout the optimization process is to improve user experience. We can help you integrate website best practices to improve your website’s ability to convert visitors to customers.

Learn more about how we use Website Analytics and reporting to help your website reach its full potential.

Other Website Optimization Strategies

Depending on your Search Marketing goals and strategy there are a number of areas where we can provide advanced “On Site” Optimization, including:

  • Microdata SEO
  • Rich Snippet Markup Optimization
  • Open Graph Protocol for Facebook SEO
  • Google Authorship for SEO

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