A Natural Link Profile
Contributes to:

  1. Improved Rankings
  2. Better Online Visibility
  3. Additional Highly Qualified Traffic
  4. More Credibility within your Industry

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Most likely, you are here because you are looking for natural link building services. 1st on the List can help you with this, but first, here’s an overview of what natural link building entails.

But What Is Natural Link Building?

Simply put, a Natural Link is one that adds value to your website.

It adds value because the source of the link is from a recognized author (website) that is referencing your site as having good, relevant content.

In other words, someone with credibility has linked to or recommended your website. In turn, Google recognizes that natural link as a valid recommendation.

There’s No Shortcuts to a Natural Link Profile

Google’s message is clear:

Only 100% natural link building will be acknowledged and credited as recommendations by their algorithms. Nothing else is acceptable.

Plus, new Google algorithms are smart enough to detect and discredit (or penalize) anything other than a natural link.

How Can I Build Natural Links?

Even with a good natural link building service it’s not easy to build organic natural links. In fact, it’s hard. Why?

Because natural links have to be earned …you have to give the site that is linking to you a good reason for wanting to reference your website.

In other words, you also have to add value to the website that is linking back to your site. To do this, you must answer this question:

What Value Can I Add that Would Be Beneficial
to Someone That Links Back to Me?

What Makes a Good Natural Link?

Here are some natural link building tips that 1st on the List utilizes in our natural link building services. To improve your Natural Link Profile we recommend the following:

  1. Build Natural Links Slowly
    Link building should be a natural process that evolves over time. Acquiring a lot of links fast sends out warning signals to the search engines.
  2. Natural Links Must Support a Point of View
    The search engines view natural links as “referencing” your website; making a recommendation because your website has content that adds some value to the point of view of the site that is linking to you.
  3. Natural Links Are Not Reciprocal Links
    The way the search engines see it, when someone is referencing your website (linking to you) there is no reason or need for you to link back to them so avoid any form of link exchange.
  4. Natural Link Building Means Diversity
    Avoid having all incoming backlinks coming from one field or area of interest; the best natural links come from a diverse range of sources that your website happens to share some relevance with.
  5. Deeper Links Are More “Natural”
    A natural link is referencing material on you website, which is most likely on a specific page deep within your site and not on your HOME page.

We Can Help with Natural Link Building Services

1st on the List’s provides professional natural link building services to help you explore your options and show you how you can bring value to others in order to get them to link back to you.

We can also help you with our Google Places Listing Service, designed to help the Search Engines understand your business better.

Strengthen Your Link Profile the Real Way

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