We highly recommend that you create and optimize a Google Places Business Listing, especially if the majority of your client base is local.

Why? According to Google, over 97% of North Americans will search online first for local businesses.

Plus if you haven’t already claimed a listing chances are Google has naturally created one for you!

Don’t be left out or have incorrect info about your business on line … be sure to claim and customize your Google places listing.

Benefits of Google Local Business Listing …

  • Local web presence
  • Increased mobile visibility
  • Better rankings than non-local businesses
  • Visibility in the SERPs without a website

What Is Google Places for Business?

Listings on Google Places for Business are simply “local business listings” on Google.com.

A Google Places business listing will help the people who live within your area to find your business on Google whenever they search online for local businesses.

Now It’s Even Easier to Be Found on Google!

Search Engines now recognize that localization is a big factor in providing even better relevant results to online searchers. This is why Google delivers the most relevant Google Places business listings first; giving them priority over other non-local organic rankings.

Google Places  integrated with Google Plus for Business forming Google+ Local:

  1. Promote your local business online…within your local community
  2. Help Google provide more relevant local search results
  3. Be placed above top ranking websites (usually within in a matter of weeks)

You don’t even have to have a website to be listed!

Boost your local online presence and optimize your Google Local Listing, which many praise as being the new highly affordable alternative to expensive phone-book directory listings.

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Optimize Google Places Listing

To claim your Google Places listing, the process can be as simple as adding your company name, address, phone number and website. If Google has already auto generated one for you, you can still edit the Google Places listing.

Use our Google Places Business Listing Service to optimize your Google Places Listing. It can mean the difference between your listing being shown often or not shown at all.

Our SEO consultants help optimize your Google Places Listing based on your core products and services. Starting with Keyword Research, we will create your Google Places Listing so that it gets ranked for the most relevant search queries to your business.

We focus on optimizing for:

  • Correct business categories
  • Company description
  • Proper business information including website, phone number and hours
  • Proper verification of Google+ Setup
  • Photos and videos
  • Plus review for duplicate or incorrect Google+ Listings

Let us develop and optimize your Google Places Listing so that the Search Engines will better understand your business and direct even more qualified traffic to your website (or to your door).

Google Places Listing Not Showing?

Why can’t I see my listing on Google Maps? This is a common question from business owners hoping to generate extra exposure from their Google Places or Google+ Local profile.

Our Google Places optimizers can address several possible reasons why your Google listing is not showing on Google Maps, including:

  • Unverified Google Places listing
  • Heavy competition in the Local listings
  • Inaccurate information about the local business
  • Lack of reviews from customers on the local listing
  • Violation of Google’s Quality Guidelines for your listing

Understanding Google Places Listing Benefits

In addition to ranking priority for a Google Local listing and its ability to increase your visibility on Google Maps, you will find that an optimized Google+ Local profile can provide many other benefits including:

  • Providing online searchers (potential customers) with the relevant information they need about your business (almost instantaneously).
  • Getting you into mobile search since your Google Places Business Listing is optimized to be mobile friendly – customers searching on their cell phone no longer need a phonebook or computer to find you!
  • Supplementing traffic generated through organic search engine optimization and Pay Per Click campaigns.
  • Offering customers a platform to write online reviews; more good reviews will help you move your listing up in rankings (and acts as persuasive testimonials for potential customers!).
  • Allow the placement of pages like Google Maps – puts your business on the map! Searchers will see exactly where your business is located and can get easy directions.
  • Ensuring that Google shows accurate information about your business; unlike other unclaimed pages that are automatically created based on Yellow Page directories, which may not have accurate information.

Having an optimized local Google Places Business Listing is is also a great way for small businesses without a website to break into the online world and to be included in search result pages. You can still give searching customers the information they are looking for, even if you do not have a website…yet!

Ask Us About Google Places Business Listing Service

Can I edit my Google Places Listing after it has been created? The answer is yes!

Catering to local searches within your area is a great way to attract highly qualified, highly targeted and motivated traffic to your website and to your door. The sooner you create an optimized Google Places Listing the sooner your customers will find you.

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