SEO information pages are essentially optimized text copy that helps describe your products and services to your website visitors while providing the proper “key” words (keywords) and supporting text needed to increase your search engine rankings.

SEO information pages:

  1. Provide Information that helps visitors make purchasing decisions
  2. Include strong “calls to action” or “closing” statements
  3. Are generally higher “converting” web pages

SEO pages are a great addition to new and existing websites, providing pages that can achieve high rankings, increase conversions and significantly raise your return on investment.

Basic Copywriting Verses SEO Information Pages

Generally a copywriter writes creative and compelling copy and titles (headings) however this does not always provide the search engines with what is needed for high rankings.

The changes that would be needed to help increase rankings can often times be extremely time consuming or even worse, alter the message that is trying to be conveyed to the potential customer and ultimately lower conversion rates.

SEO information pages differ because the copy is created based on the “key” words or phrases you selected during the keyword research phase of your search engine optimization campaign.

Creativity is used to craft copy that is compelling while incorporating targeted keyword phrases and supporting text with strong “calls to action”. Often times, this is what the average copywriter misses.

Crafting Optimized Headings & Titles

For search engines and searchers alike, a catchy title or page heading can be attention grabbing, creating more interest for the SEO information page. For visitors, it may cause intrigue compelling them to read on. For the search engines it helps them understand the core focus of the copy and the relevant “key” word phrases plus increase rankings for both the targeted keywords as well as the site’s overall theme.

Creating the Copy Content

When creating copy or text content for the SEO information pages, our writers fully examine the content within your existing website. Additional research is completed based on what your competitors’ offer; as well as general industry researches to ensure the writer has enough information to draw from when writing your optimized website content for the SEO information page.

Our writers then begin comparing your products against your competitors to gauge any benefits your potential customers would receive by choosing your products or services over your competitors. These added benefits are then incorporated into the SEO information page copy.

Calls to Action – “Closing” Statements

Some may think that a call to action or “closing” statement is not something a search engine would care much about; quite the contrary!

The search engines care more about your call to action than a visitor does. Your call to action helps the search engines understand what type of visitors you want to have at your website.

When you have a call to action that says “read more” or “find out more” or “learn more”, that sends a message to Google and the other major search engines that you are providing information. In turn your website would be more likely to show up for “key” words or phrases where the users intent is to gather information; such as phrases that utilize words like “info”, “information on …”, “how to…”, “what is…” etc.

If your call to action or closing statement leans more towards “order now” or “buy today” or “contact us”, this sends a message to the search engines that you want to reach searchers who are looking to order your specific products or service as opposed to searchers who are information gatherers. This will cause your website to be shown more so when phrases like “order….”, buy….”, “….prices” and “…..comparison” are typed in.

It is crucial for you to reach web searchers throughout the buying cycle. Strong calls to action help to increase conversions, compel visitors to complete the next step to contact you or order from you as well as align your website’s intentions with the searchers intent.

Increased Relevancy & Ultimately Increasing Rankings

As you can see, a lot goes in to creating quality SEO information pages, including understanding the mind frame of your potential visitors, what benefits your products or services offer over your competitors and how to convey what you want to the search engines to help deliver qualified, targeted traffic to your website.

Obtaining high rankings on the search engines is much easier when your SEO information pages have content that provides exactly what is needed for the search engines when they are deciding which site is more relevant for specific “key” words or phrases. SEO information pages do just that.

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