quotationAfter not getting as many email leads as we wanted 1st on the List suggested we start tracking our website’s phone calls. We now measure that nearly 18 times as many phone calls come through to our service department as email requests. Call tracking reports are now a key tool in measuring the success of our SEO campaign. In the past year we have seen the number of phone calls through our website TRIPLE.”

~ David – PRI Graphics

Do you know how many visitors call your company after seeing your website?

Online conversion metrics such as email responses or customer sign ups are just one way to measure how well your website is at generating sale leads.

But what about the visitors who would rather phone your service department for immediate assistance or a quick answer?

It quickly becomes apparent that without tracking phone calls you miss fully capturing how well your website is at getting visitors to take action.

And without call tracking you miss out on measuring the true value of your SEO campaign.

How Website Call Tracking Works

  • 1st on the List creates a local or toll free vanity number which is forwarded to your current telephone number.
  • This vanity phone number is placed on your website for visitors to use.
  • You know that anyone who calls this number came from your website and can accurately count the number of website generated phone leads.
  • Detailed call reports or real-time access to call data helps you measure your website’s success and growth.

The Benefits of Tracking Phone Numbers

Over the years we have found that for some clients it is hard to track the full effect of their Search Engine Optimization Strategies because a lot of their visitors use the phone number on the site to make an inquiry or purchase rather than complete the online contact form.

Depending on your industry and type of services offered tracking phone calls can be very beneficial, particularly if your visitors are looking for a quick answer.

Our phone call tracking services are cost-effective and quick to implement, designed to help you measure the full value of your website.

Website Call Tracking Applications

Depending on your SEO goals and campaign size we can include call tracking within your SEO package.

Lead Generation – track all the phone leads your website gets

SEO Campaigns – count phone calls as well as other online conversion metrics

PPC Campaigns – determine total ROI for paid advertising campaigns

Local Marketing – develop a local image with a local phone number

Our SEO Services Include Call Tracking Metrics and Reporting

Depending on your SEO goals and campaign size we can include call tracking within your SEO package.

This includes the cost of acquiring and maintaining the vanity phone number as well as monthly result reports:

Phone Numbers:
  • Toll-free phone number
  • Local Phone number in Canada
  • Local phone number in the United States
  • Origin of Call
  • Time and Date of Call
  • Duration of Call

Tracking and measuring phone calls is an important part of proper Website Analytics.

The knowledge of the return on investment shows you exactly what your marketing dollars are achieving for your sales department.

Our phone tracking services are available as a stand alone service or as part of any SEO campaign!

Start Tracking Your Calls Today

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