Over the years we have given numerous presentations to clients introducing the idea of SEO, what SEO is and what SEO can do for their business. Here are a number of Power Point slideshow presentations we have compiled.

NEW! Google Mobile Ranking Algorithm Updates and Impact on Non Mobile Friendly Websites

In this presentation we discuss the upcoming Google Mobile Ranking algorithm update recently announced and set to take place on April 21, 2015. We discuss various mobile friendly topics including:

  • History of Google and Mobile
  • Google’s “mobile-friendly” label in SERPs
  • Warnings sent to Webmasters to fix Mobile Usability issues
  • The official Google Mobile Ranking announcement
  • When and how the mobile ranking update will roll out
  • Response in the web community
  • How the new mobile friendly update will work, according to Google
  • The risks of ignoring the update and not becoming mobile friendly
  • Various mobile friendly tests to check your own website

HTTPS and SSL: Website Security Just Got a Lot More Important

In this presentation we discuss Google’s latest announcement that HTTPS Everywhere has an SEO ranking benefit and other SSL topics including:

  • What is HTTPS and SSL?
  • Benefits of HTTPS and SSL
  • SSL Vulnerabilities
  • Upgrading to SSL 2.0 and HTTPS Everywhere
  • SSL Installation and Implementation

Website Speed – What is One Second Costing You?

In this presentation we discuss how website speed affects your bottom line and give solid proof that indicates:

  • Fast sites get better rankings
  • Fast sites get more traffic
  • Fast sites have more conversion rates
  • Fast sites gets more conversion rates
  • Fast sites make more money

14 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Company

In this presentation we discuss the most important questions you can ask a potential SEO company, including:

  • How long will it take my website to rank?
  • How do you stay current with Google updates?
  • What changes will you make to my website?
  • and 13 more!

SEO in 5 Minutes

In this presentation you will learn the basics of SEO in less than 5 minutes, including:

  • What is Search Engine Optimization
  • The Importance of SEO
  • What does SEO do?
  • Expected outcomes of SEO and top reasons to choose SEO
  • How rankings are determined by Google
  • 5 Stages of SEO

YellowPages vs SEO – How to Optimize Your Local Advertising Budget

Designed for local businesses currently advertising with YellowPages we will answer the following questions in this presentation:

  • How often do people use the internet to find a local business?
  • How does YellowPages runs their online marketing program?
  • How do visitors find your business through YellowPages online and through SEO?
  • Whats sends more traffic to a website – YellowPages or SEO?
  • Does YellowPages or SEO get more leads?
  • How can you use SEO to replace your YellowPages to have a more cost-effective advertising budget?

Your Online Marketing Options

In this presentation we compare SEO vs. YellowPages vs. AdWords vs. Social Media and help answer the following questions:

  • What are your online marketing options?
  • How should you use social media
  • How does Pay Per Click work?
  • How do Online Phone Directories/ YellowPage listings work?
  • How do these different online marketing channels compare in performance?
  • What is your cost per lead from different marketing channels?
  • What online marketing channels send the most traffic to an optimized website?

13 Lucky Habits to Develop for Powerful SEO

In this presentation we discuss tips, techniques and strategies inherent in the habits of successful SEO including:

  • Never settling for the quickest or easiest fix.
  • Committing to the SEO process.
  • Regularly monitoring the website’s health.
  • Getting people to click through to your website from Search Results.
  • Growing the brand through the overall web presence.
  • Building link power through credible references.
  • Plus more!

6 Things Your Customers Need to Find On Your Website

In this presentation we discuss the most crucial elements and features your customers need to find on your website.

  • Branding that sets you apart.
  • Fresh, current up to date information
  • Solutions to their needs.
  • Clear navigation.
  • How to contact you.
  • Reviews and credibility.
  • Plus 5 Bonus User Experience Attributes!


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