Do you wish you could recapture visitors who were once on your website?

AdWords remarketing provides timely ads to people after they visit your website or used your mobile app. Perhaps a person leaves without purchasing anything. They may have even put an item or two in their shopping cart. Remarketing or retargeting ads allow you to reconnect with them as they browse the web in attempts to bring them back to your website. You can even show them an ad specific to what they were looking at on your website. Remarketing has a large-scale reach that allows you to connect with website visitors on Google Search and over 2 million websites that participate in the Google Display Network.

How does PPC Retargeting work?

PPC retargeting works by adding Google’s remarketing tag snippet of code to your website. You then define rules to create different lists of visitors for your remarketing ads. For example, one list may be people who visit specific product categories and another list may be people who abandon their shopping cart. The final step is deciding what message or ad to show to each list.

Remarketing campaigns with Google include Standard campaigns, Dynamic Remarketing which shows an ad specific to the product or service the visitor viewed on your website, Search Retargeting which will display your ad to people as they go back to Google to continue their search as well as Video Remarketing which is all about connecting with visitors who watched your videos or visited your YouTube Channel.

How can Google Remarketing help your PPC Campaign?

You can take your Google AdWords PPC campaign to the next level with Google Ad Retargeting.

  • Reach qualified people who have already been on your website.
  • Attain higher click-through-rates as visitors are already familiar with your brand.
  • Reach higher conversion rates as the visitor is further into the buying cycle.
  • Tailor remarketing ads to specific visitors (example: ones who abandoned your shopping cart).
  • Write specific ads relevant to their experience on your site (example: “Still in need of XYZ?”).
  • Automate bid strategies with real-time bidding which calculates the optimal bid for each visitor.
  • Use traditional AdWords text ads as well as image and video ads.

Our Advanced Remarketing Services include …

  • Account setup, if needed
  • Retargeting Campaign Setup including adding code to your website
  • Selecting lists of visitors to retarget
  • Designing retargeting ads (text, image or video)
  • Ongoing monitoring and optimization of campaign
  • Monthly reports

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