While some businesses will do their own pay per click management most businesses do not have the knowledge, time, or staffing resources to implement a cost-effective PPC management campaign.

PPC management can be compared to buying stocks, where you can do it yourself or hire a professional to buy and manage your portfolio on your behalf. In the long run, their expertise and commitment to constantly monitor your investments will typically earn you a lot more on the same budget.

1st on the List’s pay per click management pricing is based on performance. We can design and run a highly successful, very cost effective PPC management campaign that brings you qualified traffic, leads, and sales while keeping your PPC operating costs at a minimum.

How Much Does Pay Per Click Cost?

Pay per click management pricing will depend on your PPC budget and how well your PPC management campaigns are run. Some companies spend as little as $500 a month while others budget for tens of thousands a month.

It’s important to protect “ad spend” by targeting only the most relevant PPC keywords that convert, while lowering the cost per click (CPC) and simultaneously attracting highly relevant click through traffic.

We do this by continually adjusting your ads, eliminating poor performing or overpriced ads with low conversions, refining the best most successful ads, and finding new PPC keywords to target that are highly relevant and perform well.

By lowering the average cost per click (CPC) and increasing the click through rate (CTR) your Quality Score and cost per acquisition (CPA) will also improve. The following offers a brief definition for each of these pay per click terms.

1st on the List Pay Per Click Pricing

Unlike many PPC advertising companies that mark up the cost of clicks in advertising campaigns, 1st on the List employs a simple pricing model that our clients love:

  • You pay all actual advertising costs (CPC) directly to the respective Search Engine or advertising platform
  • We charge a one-time set up fee for your campaign and a small ongoing monthly PPC management fee based on your actual advertising cost for that month

1st on the List pay per click managers suggest monthly ad spending based on your goals or we can work within your designated budget, and you are in full control of choosing bid amounts and at what times and what areas your PPC ads will be displayed. Best of all, you always have the freedom to adjust your PPC marketing budget. For more info, see our page on how PPC works.

What Your PPC Management Campaign Includes

While each PPC management campaign is unique there are common services typically included with our PPC management services:

  • Account – Create your Advertising account in AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook or other ad platform.
  • Keywords – Conduct in-depth PPC keyword research to see what terms searchers are using to find your products or service.
  • Bids and Budget – Choose and bid on only the PPC keyword phrases relevant to your website.
  • Ad Copy – Write captivating PPC Ad Campaigns including Titles and Descriptions (PPC Ad Copy) that attract targeted traffic.
  • Tracking – Set up Analytics and Conversion Tracking to measure success of your campaigns.
  • Consulting – Oversee active PPC ads and consult with you on a regular basis.
  • Optimizing – Adjust and tweak PPC ad campaigns to maximize click through rates and minimize costs.
  • Results – Report on results of campaign on a regular basis.

PPC Management Pricing

The monthly pay per click management fee percentages are based off of PPC ad spending for the month billed. If for some reason your monthly ad spend is less than the initial campaign minimum spending level, monthly PPC management fees may increase.


Pay Per Click Setup Cost

call for pricing call for pricing call for pricing

Monthly PPC Fee

20% 15% 12%

Minimum Budget

$1,000 $3,000 $10,000

Keyword Phrases

150 300 Unlimited

PPC Ad Groups

3 10 Unlimited

Landing Page Creation

Optional Optional Included

PPC Analytics Setup

Optional Optional Included

Analytics Reporting

NA NA Included


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Since 1997 1st on the List has been offering full service SEO and affordable pay per click management pricing to clients throughout Canada and the United States. Our PPC management costs are typically less than most other PPC advertising companies. Let us set up and manage your PPC ad campaigns.

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