A simple explanation of how Bing and Google pay per click advertising works is that you are buying PPC ads to be displayed at the top of search engine listing results. In essence, you buy (pay for) the traffic that visits your website when they click on your PPC ad instead of attracting visitor traffic naturally to your website through organic rankings on the search engines.

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How to Do Pay Per Click Advertising

Whether you choose to use Bing Ads or advertise with Google AdWords, the following offers a brief explanation of how PPC advertising works and how pay per click ad campaigns are billed:

  1. The first step in PPC advertising is keyword research to understand what terms people are using
  2. Next, choose the best PPC keywords you want to bid on to represent your products or service
  3. Then set the bid amount for each specific target keyword – what is the maximum amount you are willing to pay for each person who clicks on your PPC ad
  4. Write relevant and engaging PPC ad copy to entice visitors to click on your ad
  5. Create a PPC landing page or link your PPC advertising to an existing landing page on your website that is most relevant to the search request
  6. Post your ad so the PPC Platform can start showing your PPC ad in the search results
  7. Develop a list of keyword variations (negative keywords) you don’t want your ads showing up for
  8. Use PPC analytics to track your PPC visitor activity on your website
  9. Adjust your PPC advertising copy and ad spend as necessary to improve performance and click through rates

Where your PPC ad ranks (where it’s placed in the search results) will depend on your quality score and how high your PPC bid amount is in comparison to competitor PPC ads targeting the same keyword phrases.

How Much Does Pay Per Click Cost?

Instead of asking how much is pay per click, website owners need to determine how much they are willing to pay for traffic or leads. Basically, the more you are willing to spend the more frequently and prominently your PPC ads (sponsored links) will be displayed. If your pay per click advertising efforts are successful and you are the highest bidder, you will be rewarded with the top listing in the “paid” or “sponsored” listing results, which are usually listed first, above the organic listing results on pay per click search engines.

How Effective Is Pay Per Click Advertising?

It does take some time and effort to learn how to use pay per click effectively and PPC advertising does have its advantages. Every time someone “clicks through” on your “paid link” you pay up to the bid amount that you originally set but your ad copy and bid amounts may need to be continually adjusted to maintain the top listings you want. Using PPC analytics, we can measure your results and adjust your pay per click advertising to improve ad performance and increase your ROI.

Is Pay Per Click Advertising Worth It?

This is a question that can only be answered by you. Poorly run pay per click advertising campaigns can sometimes mean overbidding for keyword terms or bidding on keywords that don’t convert. We recommend investing in our expert pay per click management services to help understand how much to bid, what keyword phrases to bid on, when and who your ad should be shown to, what your ad should say, and what landing page the visitor should see when someone clicks through to your website.

How PPC Can Help SEO

When properly configured and monitored your PPC advertising campaign will become an essential supplement to your organic search engine optimization strategies.

Website search engine optimization is a long term strategy that improves the quality of your website while improving your website performance and visibility in the search engines. In general, SEO friendly websites that are well optimized often sustain their top rankings over the long term.

We recommend using pay per click advertising for fast short term results while your SEO strategy is being implemented. Your PPC can also be used to fill gaps or promotions that run short term or are seasonal.

Let Us Show You How to Run A Pay Per Click Campaign

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Find out more about how our pay per click advertising works and how we use PPC advertising to help your SEO. Or, contact our 1st on the List PPC experts to inquire about how to improve on your existing PPC advertising campaign.

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