There are nearly 700 million people who check into Facebook every day who each spend an average of 21 minutes scrolling through their Newsfeed. Many would argue it’s the most engaging website out there. Paid Facebook advertising is becoming a popular Pay Per Click alternative to AdWords as its provides access to this captivated audience. With Facebook Ads you can precisely target who sees your ads, such as people who went to a certain University or follow your competitors on Facebook.

How Does Facebook Advertising Work?

The online world is highly social with a big thanks to Facebook. As a business your first step to reaching the 1 billion Facebook users is having a Facebook Page for your business. The next step is to create multiple ads to build an audience for your page. Precise targeting options allow you to reach the exact audience your brand is after with options including age, interests, workplace, education and more. Your ad can go to your own Facebook page or an external website – your choice. Once you’ve created your ad and select the audience you want to reach you can set a budget and decide how long the ad will run.  Facebook then uses a cost per thousand impressions or cost per click bid system to determine how your ads are shown.

Why Advertise on Facebook as a PPC Campaign?

Facebook advertising is fundamentally different because you target people’s likes and interests rather than keywords. In contrast to AdWords and Bing Ads, with Facebook Ads you can promote your content to friends of fans and take advantage of “word of mouth”. Some specific attributes and benefits of Facebook ads include:

  • Arguably better targeting because Facebook intimately knows users’ interests and likes.
  • Boost loyalty by running ads for regular customers or fans.
  • Use richer media including images in your ads, whereas AdWords and Bing Ads are text-based.
  • Leverage word-of-mouth and social proof by displaying friends who already like your brand.
  • Appear several times as “Sponsored Stories” in a person’s news feed.
  • Option to bid for Page likes, clicks or impressions depending on your campaign goals.
  • Facebook advertising costs typically have a lower average cost-per-click than AdWords.

Our Facebook Advertising Campaigns Include …

  • Account setup
  • Facebook advertising strategy development
  • Target market definition and audience selection
  • Ad creation
  • Campaign monitoring and optimization
  • Ongoing reports for the course of campaign

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