Are you currently using Google AdWords or another form of Pay Per Click Advertising and wondering just how well you are doing? Our PPC Audits take an objective look at your current campaign and evaluate how well each ad group, keyword phrase and PPC landing page is performing. At the end of the PPC Audit you receive recommendations of how to improve your Pay Per Click marketing efforts. If you choose, our PPC Managers can go ahead and make all the changes so that we return your PPC Campaign to you in top-notch condition.

What is a PPC Audit?

Basically a PPC Audit takes a deep look into all the details of your current Pay Per Click Marketing in order to determine areas that could use improvement. It’s not just about looking at where ad spend is wasted but also about discovering new opportunities where your campaigns could be tweaked to make even more money. Our professional PPC advertising managers will look at your campaign through fresh eyes. PPC Audits are particularly beneficial if you find your campaign is no longer performing well or you are considering revamping your PPC Strategy.

How can a PPC Campaign Audit help you?

  • Discover keywords, ads or landing pages that are wasting your budget.
  • Find additional advertising opportunities to further increase your profits.
  • Improve your click-through-rate while decreasing your cost-per-click.
  • Boost your quality score which will affect your bid price and how often Google shows your ads.

Our PPC Audits Include …

Depending on the complexity of your PPC Advertising Strategy we will look at the performance in terms of cost and conversions for each PPC campaign including its individual ad groups, keywords, ad copy and landing pages. We will also look at ways to strengthen:

  • Quality Score
  • Ad Extensions
  • Display networks

At the end of the audit you will receive a list of recommendations of how to improve your PPC Marketing. Many PPC Audits also include implementing the discussed recommendations so that the PPC Campaign is returned ready to start making you more money as you continue to manage it.

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