Before hiring a search engine optimization company, do take the time to check out their client testimonials.

A testimonial is like a “seal of approval“, a validation that the job was done right and to the client’s satisfaction. For 1st on the List it is also a confirmation of our commitment to put integrity before profit; we believe that value is derived from satisfied customers.

Many of our clients are “lifers” and have been with us for many years. Here’s what just some of our clients have to say about us.

Well Thought Out Strategies, Top Notch Team

1st on the List primarily worked on organic SEO [search engine optimization]. I selected them after working with two other agencies that failed to deliver. Those firms produced minimal results and so that lead me to 1st on the List Promotion. I selected them because they seemed to be more organized and have a better process than competitors. They have very sound strategies and produce real results. I have worked with 1st on the List for about four years and have no plans to stop the engagement. We are very satisfied with their work. Their strategies are well thought out and they provide quality customer service. We have seen strong growth in website traffic and I can tell their employees are industry experts that keep me ahead of changes in Google’s algorithms.They have a top-notch team and I have no complaints. My advice to their future clients is to have your goals well-defined going into the project.”

~ as reviewed on

Honest and Deliver on Results, Highly Recommended

Our web traffic flattened out and that affects our sales … we wanted to grow web traffic. I asked around to my network and four different businesses suggested 1st on the List. Our traffic results have gone up 20 percent year to year. We’ve seen an increase in sales also. We’re planning to do more types of digital marketing activities with them. Every six months, we meet in person and review everything they are doing and strategize for the next period. They’re not snake oil sales guys. They are honest and deliver. They’re very reasonably priced. I have recommended them multiple times. I just hope they don’t get too busy for my account.”

~ Ben Humes, CEO – Mirage Screen Systems Inc.
(Surrey, British Columbia as reviewed on

Very Friendly and Open to My Ideas

I had been doing about 20 to 25 sales a month and last month I did 42 sales.  This month I am on pace to do about 60 sales.  The only thing I can attribute this to is the changes that Sam made to my site that is leading to a higher conversion rate of the customers that are visiting my site.  I just wanted to tell you thanks and that I really appreciate the changes and the ensuing result of those changes.

1st on the List Promotion has always been very friendly and open to my ideas and also gives me any ideas that might help my site.  I appreciate this.  What a difference it has been working with 1st on the List Promotion as compared to the prior SEO companies I used in the past.  It is not even a comparison!”

~ David Standage – InstaMerchant

Know How to Produce the Best Results

I have worked with the 1st on the List team for many years and they are absolutely the best in the business. Before I found them I tried many other SEO companies with no success. The 1st on the List team are amazing and really know how to produce the best results. I wasted a lot of time with other SEO companies and wish I would have found 1st on the List much sooner. They talked me into redesigning my web site and I am so happy I listened to them it was the best thing I could have done. The new design helped my ranking even more than I could have hoped and it’s so user friendly I can make my own page updates and posts. I very highly recommend 1st on the List you will be extremely happy with the results. Thank you so much Chris and Robin!!

~ Jeff Bowman, Owner – VIP South Beach
(Miami, Florida)

Very Knowledgeable SEO Industry People

After talking to all the SEO companies on the list, I came to the conclusion that 1st on the List was the best and the brightest of the bunch. And that has proven to be exactly correct! Everything that I had hoped for has been realized and our working relationship is very enjoyable. It’s been a true partnership! I am extremely pleased with the results and our company is looking for ways to further strengthen our relationship with 1st on the List.”

~ Brendan Duffy

Best Business Decision I’ve Made

I am beyond thrilled how 1st on the List has helped build my business from the ground up! I came to 1st on the List over three years ago barely knowing how to turn my computer on let alone use the internet to market my jewelry business and bring in new customers. If it weren’t for their design and SEO I likely wouldn’t be in business today. Getting them to SEO my website is one of the best business decisions I’ve made. My website currently brings in the majority of my new customers. I get phone calls from both local customers and out of state customers because they found my website and liked what they saw. The best thing is these customers come in with their mind already made up to purchase from me because of what they’ve seen on my website. I’ve even had a customer fly from Costa Rica to purchase an engagement ring with me. Thank you 1st on the List!”

~ Debra Keezing – Keezing Kreations
(Boston, Massachusetts)

Can’t Say Thank You Enough

1st on the List was WONDERFUL to work with!! You provided us with such a wonderful website and support when we needed it. I can’t say thank you enough for that. You will definitely be a company I recommend if anyone needs website and SEO work done.”

~ Desirea Chase – The Maine Recruitment Center
(Augusta, Maine)

Response I Hoped for But Didn’t Think Possible

I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised with the response that I have been getting from the website redesign and SEO work that your team did to our website.  I gave you a small budget to work with and with the little bit that I invested into the site and initial SEO, we are receiving regular calls and quote requests.  This is the response that I had hoped for but did not think was possible in a saturated website market such as Construction.  When the time comes, I will be coming back for further work and enhancements.”

~ Dan Friesen, Owner – Infinity Construction
(Abbotsford, British Columbia)

Highly Recommend Them to Others

I have been working with 1st on the list for about four years, and they have been looking after my SEO for me, they also redesigned and updated my web site and other advertising. I have found them easy to deal with, helpful with ideas, suggestions, as well as using my input to get the product done that I’m happy with! They have also worked closely with my Social Media guy to help improve my visibility there, and highly recommend them to others! Thanks for the great job!”

~ Darrell Rempel, Owner – Captain Concrete Inc.
(Abbotsford, British Columbia)

Advice Has Been Like Gold

Neeraj Varma is a friendly and very informed SEO consultant in various areas related to SEO work. Neeraj has been helping us for quite some time with search engine rankings, and we are thankful to God for all of our improvements.  His advice has been like gold to us. We have gone through a fair number of such SEO companies and 1stonthelist with Chris Genge (president) and Neeraj Varma working with us have been a blessing. I’m not a relative and I’m not getting paid to write this. These words are true and sincere.”

~ DC

Proactive, Common Sense Approach to SEO

Our entire marketing and sales effort is centered on the Internet. We were looking for an SEO company to manage it for us and liked your company’s common sense approach, friendly staff, and the fact that you didn’t try to blow us away with techno-talk or jargon!

Our company has been a client of 1st on the List for more than 3 years. Our overall experience has been very positive and 1st on the List has been very good at keeping us informed of the latest trends/changes in the SEO industry. The results speak for themselves…the number of daily hits we get has DOUBLED and we have achieved and maintained good positioning with different search engines!

1st on the List has been very proactive in working with us to redirect our effects and even though they are not a small company, they come across as one with their down-to-earth, personable interaction…in other words, they seem to be as concerned with our business as we are!”

~ Terry Page, President – Artful Dragon Press
(Sammamish, Washington)

Always Available to Answer Questions

As a local service club we have limited resources and limited skills when it comes to websites. We used two other resources in the past and this is our third incarnation. 1st on the List is the easiest, and most user friendly we have ever worked with. Their consultants are always available to answer questions and provide easy to understand instructions so that we can now look after our website virtually on our own. The ability to add, edit and delete pages is so simple and straightforward and it looks fantastic! Check us out at Thank you Chris and Robin!”

~ Ron Mare – Abbotsford Lions Club
(Abbotsford, British Columbia)

Very Good Progress

My driving school won Top Choice Award in driving school category in Winnipeg MB. Not sure if that helps with SEO or not, thought I should let you know anyways. And I noticed we made very good progress on Google ranking. Thank you very much!”

~ Ace It Driving School
(Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Beautifully Redesigned Our Website

1st on the List beautifully redesigned our website and their friendly staff was very willing to work with us and our requirements, as well as give useful advice on how to make our site better.”

~ Willson Design Group
(Abbotsford, British Columbia)

Outstanding Group of People

1st on the List is doing a great job for me. They have an outstanding group of people working for them. They’re Awesome!!!”

~ Julie – Neutral Guard LLC

Easy to Work With and Responsive

We are a boutique law firm that specializes in high-end, serious litigation. We are prosperous, but looking to bring in more business. Our business is unusual from other Internet businesses because we are not retailers and we do not have a product to sell. We provide an intangible service.

Before working with 1st on the List our search engine listings were very unsatisfactory. Now we are coming up very high in them. Your company was referred to us by someone who knows the SEO business…he said your company was the only one he would recommend to anyone that was looking to increase website traffic!

You were all easy to work with, very responsive, and you did what you said you were going to do. In this day and age it’s hard to find people who do what they say they are going to do.”

~ Gary – VK Lawyers
(Los Angeles, California)

Rankings from Non-Existent to Top 10

1st on the List has helped to drastically improve the effectiveness of our website as a marketing tool.  Our search rankings have improved, for most keywords, from being non-existent to being in the top 10. In just the past couple of months we have received 3-4 quality leads that we are working to close.”

~ Ryan Peterson – Asyma Systems Ltd

Cost-Effective Solution for Improving Our Marketing

“The staff at 1st on the List has been very professional and any issues or changes have been made promptly and efficiently.  Through the Sage Co-op Debit Program these services have been a very cost-effective solution for improving our marketing.  We are confident that our website will be an excellent lead generation tool moving forward. ”

~ Keith Greeno – Asyma Systems Ltd

Top Notch Compared to Other SEO Companies

We contacted 1st on the List Promotion several years ago to help us with our rankings. We had changed our site and domain name and our market is very competitive (Web Design). They helped us build our ranking until now we rank on competitive terms like “CMS Developer” #1, “web design Canada” #8, “website design Canada” #2 and many more keywords that are specific to the services we offer. Their knowledge of search engine optimization is top notch compared to all the other SEO companies we have worked with and we often refer them to our clients when they need help.”

~ Octavio Marquez – Snap Technologies Inc.
(Vancouver, British Columbia)

Fantastic Results I Never Dreamed Of

My award winning cottages would not be noticed without your help with my website. It now attracts tourists to come and stay, experience and tell all their friends. This season is nearly fully booked already!  It means so much that I am getting the fantastic results I never dreamed of. I hope you realize the huge difference you and your supportive team makes. Here’s to starting our 3rd year working together and I look forward to many, many more. Thanks so very much.”

~ EJ – Elizabeth J. Cottages
(Bonavista, Newfoundland)

Their Work Compared to
Other SEO Companies is Like Night and Day

I would highly recommend Chris and his crew at 1st on the List. I have used two previous SEO companies and ended up getting poor results long-term, as they only did back linking. 1st on the list redesigned my website and built me multiple pages which helped me rank almost first page in all my keywords. The amount out of work they put in compared to the other SEO companies I used is like night and day. In addition, their rates are very reasonable considering you pay for what you get. They also have great customer service; you never have a hard time getting a reply.”

~ Joe Gabara – Green Valley Pest Control
(Abbotsford, British Columbia)

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