SEO FAQs and answers regarding our professional search engine optimization services.

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What makes your search engine optimization services different?

We do not believe in taking a “cookie-cutter” approach to any optimization project. Instead, over the last decade and a half, we have evolved with the search engines. Our search engine optimization services utilize only the latest, most sophisticated, spam-free SEO techniques based on SEO industry accepted standards and a strict code of ethics. We also take a holistic approach and offer SEO Web Design Services to clients who want to make their websites more search engine friendly.

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How does your SEO Company rate in comparison to other SEO companies?

Top SEOs, a company that identifies and ranks the world’s top SEO marketing companies, ranks us in the “Top 3” in Canada and in the “Top 20” in North America for professional search engine marketing firms. We consistently meet or exceed the online marketing goals of our SEO clients.

What type of clients have used your search engine optimization services in the past?

Our SEO Clients have included everything from small business websites to fortune 500 companies.

What kind of support do you offer?

Our offices are open weekdays from 8:00 – 5:00 PST with a response time usually within 24 hours (plus we offer email response on weekends whenever possible). SEO clients can reach a Search Engine Optimization Consultant by phone, fax or email. We have also developed excellent support materials and SEO video tutorials to help our clients completely understand the search engine optimization process.

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What do I need to provide to get started with your professional search engine optimization services?

As our client, we would require admin access to your website and control panels to evaluate your server and web design functionality. We also need information about your products/services that will be used to optimize your website for the most relevant keyword phrases.

How much do your search engine optimization services cost and how is your pricing structured?

Pricing for our professional search engine marketing services can vary greatly depending on what SEO services are needed. Pricing usually involves a set-up fee plus monthly fees and are based on your market’s existing website competition and your specific needs and marketing goals.

Do you provide website analytics?

Yes, Web Analytics are part of our professional search engine marketing services. We understand that the conversion goals to determine return on investment (ROI) may vary and be unique for each company/website. Service based companies/sites may define conversion as a visitor filling out an online request form. Meanwhile, product based companies/sites may base conversion on shopping cart “checkouts.” No matter what your specific business and conversion goals are, our Conversion Tracking Program allows us to focus the marketing resources on the areas that are most important to you, in order to track your campaign’s success. You will be provided with a concise web analytics report and recommendations every month or on the 4, 7, and 10 month marks, depending on your needs.

Do you offer any guarantees for SEO results?

We do not offer guarantees as we feel that most SEO guarantees are misleading and designed to give the customer a false sense of security. We inform potential new customers that to obtain the results they want, they need to ensure that proper web server setup, web design, website reputation and SEO are all in order since they all play a role in obtaining positive outcomes. Search engine optimization services make up only one aspect of any internet marketing strategy that can make a website successful. Offering a guarantee for search engine optimization services would be like telling someone that if they buy the world’s best car they will be the world’s best driver. What we do offer is a full range of SEO marketing services and personalized consultation directed at the customer’s specific needs to ensure our best chances for success.

What benchmarks will you use to evaluate my website’s SEO marketing success?

For the most part, new SEO clients come to us because they have little or no rankings for their relevant keyword phrases. Our professional search engine optimization services are designed to ensure that your website’s reputation with the search engines is representative of what your website truly offers. In the past, top search engine rankings were the primary benchmarks for determining SEO success. A lot has changed in recent years and while a top search engine ranking is still important, it is only one aspect of the equation in determining the success of an SEO campaign. Improved web analytics continue to play a major role in helping to improve your web page’s reputation with the search engines, plus improving web page function, increasing traffic, increasing visitor loyalty, increasing conversions and ultimately, increasing ROI.

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