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Everyone wants to know how to optimize their web pages.

This is a continuation of the post on Organizing Website Content Navigation

If you look at this page designated for sneakers, you’ll see that it is actually naturally optimized.

Below we’ve highlighted the areas that the search engine would find relevent:

In a nutshell, a properly organized web page shouldn’t need much on page optimization; additional tweaks could be made I am sure but this is the start to something great!

Do make sure that your “key” words (keyword phrases) make it into your titles, descriptions, meta keywords and alt tags of your page:

Keep in mind that one page cannot be the answer to ranking for all or any of these terms; but notice that we’re building a relationship of phrases that support a theme; in this case, we have built a connection from the home page and then supported this concept on one page that ties this concept together.

If I want to tie in additional pages, I can easily write content about running shoes, walking shoes etc.

As you can see, I’ve added a link that says types of gym shoes; this will allow me to create more supportive content around this topic.

This information is also available to my visitors; allowing them to understand the types of sneakers and which one would be best for them.  This allows them to go back and make a better purchasing decision.  In the eyes of the search engines I am also seen as more relevant for providing additional information which will eventually help me with my rankings related to sneakers and gym shoes.

If you glance back at the home page, you will also begin to see that it too starts to look like it has been optimized naturally.

Take a look at the highlighted words.

What if you looked at the same two pages to see If they help to support Mens shoes and related phrases;

Do you see the natural optimization?

What about the sneaker page?

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