Yellow Pages directories

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On Monday February 2, 2015 Yellow Pages announced that select neighborhoods across Canada will no longer receive Yellow Pages phone directories on their doorstep.

This comes as a result of both consumers turning to the Internet to find local businesses and contact information as well as Yellow Pages transforming its services into a digital format rather than print.

The phone directories will still be available through distribution points in the areas without home delivery. Residents are also able to request home delivery of a phone book by calling Yellow Pages Distribution Services directly.

Caroline Andres, Vice-President and Chief Publishing Officer of Yellow Pages, is optimistic that its phone directories still have a purpose,

 “The print directory side of our business continues to have a solid user base and to fulfill a specific need for the small businesses that use it to market their goods and services … This evolution of our distribution approach is aligned with the transformation of our company as we look to ensure the directory is making it to those who use it, in an efficient and responsible manner that continues to generate quality leads for our print customers.”

Yahoo! News Canada discussed Yellow Pages’ recent announcement and made the point that home delivery of Yellow Pages directories are only the latest example of once-needed goods becoming obsolete. Other examples included public pay phones, wristwatches, and phone operators.

What are your thoughts? Do you think phone directories are becoming obsolete? Are you one of the businesses that rely on phone directory advertising to attract quality leads as Andres says? When phone directories are no longer delivered to homes across Canada will your business be found online instead?