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A new study by Havas Worldwide gives us some insight into the new roles that companies are expected to play beyond their pure corporate function. In one portion of the survey, participants were asked to mark the five core values they think are most important for brands to embody.

Here are the top 10 highest rated core values:

#10 – Vision (17%)
Having a clear direction to achieve or accomplish long term goals.

#9 – Socially active (19%)
Engaging with the affairs and well-being of society and contributing to it.

#8 – Simplicity (19%)
Being easy to understand, plain, or natural.

#7 – Originality (31%)
Having the ability to think independently and creatively, presenting novel or unusual ideas.

#6 – Fairness (32%)
Abstaining from discrimination, bias, or injustice.

#5 – Authenticity (33%)
Being genuinely real and truthful about commitments, attributes, and intentions.

#4 – Innovation (41%)
Improving upon or introducing altogether new methods, ideas, products, or services that better serve your customers’ needs.

#3- Honesty/ Transparency (56%)
Being truthful, upright, fair, moral, ethical, and possessing integrity.

#2 – Reliability/ Durability (57%)
Offering a dependable product or service that consistently performs.

#1 – Quality (69%)
Meeting your customers’ expectations as closely as possible with your product or service, as perceived by the customer.

How Do You Deliver on These Values?

  • Ask for customer feedback that can help you gain insight into how your customers actually view your company. Do they often complain of products not working? Or projects not being completed on time? These could be signs of poor quality or unreliability.
  • Review your company’s role in your local community and the global community. This study also uncovered that 70% of people agree it is important for companies to drive social change. A majority also think their favorite companies and brands should play a bigger role in their local community.
  • Consumers have continuously higher expectations of your company and brand. Are you meeting those expectations?
  • Review your company’s core values and modify if needed so that they match consumers’ changing expectations of your company and your brand.

How Does Your Website Deliver on These Values?

Your website visitors are also looking for these values. For example:

  • Quality
    • Is the website easy to navigate?
    • Is content easy to read?
    • Are there spelling mistakes?
    • Do you have outdated products or services?
  • Reliable
    • Do all your pages work?
    • Do pages load quickly?
    • Is the website usable on a mobile device?
  • Authentic
    • Do you come across as real people with personality, or are you just a corporation?
    • Is there the human, personal touch through pictures and content?

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