How To Incorporate SEO Into Your Web Design

SEO Web design is the partnership of web design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is a philosophy that includes the user and lead generation within the web design and planning process. It is a way of thinking whereby SEO comes first, rather than as a post-launch activity.

Generally, many web designers outline SEO as one of their services and their process of SEO is post-planning and post-build. For some, it means an install of an SEO plugin so meta tags and titles can be optimized and content reviewed. For others it means general keyword research and content edits.

SEO Web Design from reputable SEO Web Design Agencies is a different approach altogether.

  1. It Starts With The Planning – SEO moves beyond keywords and content and incorporates planning for user experience, lead generation, site speed, user paths, targets and goals. During the planning phase, we work with you to determine your services and products, your target user and the best way for them to interact with your website.
  2. Keyword Research – During the planning phase, we undertake exhaustive keyword research. What we uncover in the research process helps lead the way for key site planning decisions.
  3. Competition Research – It’s important to know what the competition is doing in order to best plan how to compete best in the marketplace.
  4. Site Architecture – Our SEO and web development teams work together to outline a site map that acts as a plan for your website pages. The keyword research, competition research, the user and your goals help outline what the best navigation, page names and content for your website will be.
  5. The Build – There are a variety of ways to build a website, but for a website to perform well in search engines, there needs to be an SEO approach to the build. Search engines, such as Google, outline best practices that, when followed, set your website up for success. Things such as user experience, site speed, tags, hosting location and navigation all contribute to overall SEO Success and need to be considered during the build process.
  6. Content – Website content should reflect your business and what your target visitor is looking for.  Content should be more than simply a reiteration of your brochure. By taking an SEO approach to content creation, your content is written specifically for the user and then optimized for the search engines.
  7. Ongoing Analytics & Reporting – SEO Web Design does not end once a website launches, in fact, launch is basically the beginning. SEO professionals love to dig into site analytics to see what is performing well and what may need a revision. User queries and intention can change which is why monitoring analytics, search engine results and leads is an important aspect of the SEO process.
  8. Maintenance – A variety of tweaks, both programmatically and within content, will be made on an ongoing basis.

Our best results come from web design builds that were done with SEO strategy at the forefront. While sometimes, in a non-competitive market, SEO can be added post-build, best practices and the best opportunity for success come from a true SEO web design.

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