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paying for seoToday we will tackle a few big questions that have probably crossed your mind many times:

“Is it really worth paying for SEO services?”

“Why hire an SEO?”

To help you answer the question for yourself and your company estimate what your time is worth. As a plumber, real estate agent or jewelry designer how much could you earn per hour? As a business owner you should spend your time doing what makes you the most money. This is where you excel. Is it really worth giving up your time selling homes or repairing leaky sinks to figure out the “SEO Thing” and get it to work for your website?

Unfortunately many people underestimate the complexity behind SEO and think that it doesn’t take a lot of effort or expertise to make a website excel. In today’s article we’ll discuss many reasons to hire an SEO and pay for SEO work on your website.

Paying for SEO Optimization Because
Your Personal Time Is Better Spent Elsewhere

Search Engines are constantly changing to meet the demands of what and how people are searching. In the last few years Google, the major search engine on the internet, has made several changes that have had a significant effect on the rankings of many websites. Think about this:

  • Is it worth your time each week to read all the top SEO blogs and follow SEO thought leaders?
  • Is it worth your time to figure out how to develop and implement a sound SEO strategy?
  • Is it worth your time to monitor and track your results, and adjust your strategy as needed?

This is where the knowledge and expertise of a reputable SEO firm becomes vital. SEO Experts are constantly studying the changes in the search engine formulas; how internet applications interact with the search protocol and what is needed to get a site ranking well.

Why Hire an SEO? It’s More Complicated than Just Keywords and Links

Many people come to us thinking that SEO is all about keywords and backlinks and that as long as they get the right phrases in the right places and find a few websites to link to their own website they are set.

This is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The majority of SEO work is below the surface. For example, do you know:

  • Which server and host is best for your website?
  • How to properly brand your business in the Search Engines?
  • How to protect your content against duplication?
  • How to ensure proper HTTP checks and HTML validation?
  • How to deal with mandatory cookie checks and session ID’s?
  • How to ensure proper “link juice” flow between all your website pages?

These are just a very small sampling of all the items we address in a full SEO Campaign that you may not even realize affect your SEO. In fact, there are 200 – 300 different factors that Google looks at when determining how your website will rank. Do you have the time and knowledge to optimize each of these factors?

Hiring an SEO Expert Makes YOU the Customer

Recently I read an interesting opinion why hiring an SEO firm is beneficial for you. By hiring an SEO you become the customer, putting SEO in the position to always be working for you, meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations. Rather than doing SEO yourself or having someone in house help out with SEO wouldn’t you rather have an SEO company working to impress you?

Does Paying for SEO Work?

As with all things in life, you get what you pay for. Are you buying SEO based on lowest price? Are you searching for an SEO company with a lot of experience? Paying for SEO work on your website will work when you choose an experienced SEO company you trust. In order for their SEO to work well it must be based on their ability to customize SEO solutions to your specific campaign within the Best Practices that exist in Search Engine algorithms.

Does paying for links SEO work? (Don’t fall into this trap!)

There are hundreds of SEO companies that sell backlinks as SEO. Did you know that Google has banned many websites because of the spammy and unnatural links they have bought? Today, more than ever, relevant linking is vital to keeping your websites in good standings with the Search Engines. This means that NO, paying for SEO backlinks does not work and risks negatively impacting your website in a big way.

So Is Paying for SEO Worth It? You Be the Judge

As we’ve discussed above, Search Engine Optimization is an evolving science. You must decide if it is worth it to divert time spent on your business making money to time spent learning SEO Best Practices and implementing SEO strategies on your website. SEO is a complicated combination of computer science, marketing, website development and consumer behavior. It is the study of what gets rankings, what motivates buyers and how to optimize what you are posting to attract the types of visitors who have the most potential to become customers.

SEO is the study and implementation of the latest coding and content that works to index your site work on the search engines. SEO is the study of what is working for your website and how to always get a better ROI on your marketing spending.

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how to own the search marketing podiumHave you been inspired by the dedication our Olympians competing in Sochia, Russia?These athletes have dedicated countless hours of hard work into their sport and it pays off! What they can do on the mountains and ice is beyond belief.

This leaves us asking the question – what does it take to win gold and get rankings on Google, Yahoo and other Search Engines? In today’s post we’re going to draw some parallels between competing at the Olympics and getting top rankings in the Search Engines.

You Don’t Become an Olympian Overnight

One of the questions we get asked a lot are “How long will it take to rank #1 on Google?”

When you put this in the context of sports you would sound silly asking your child’s coach, “How long before they are competing in the Olympics?” You simply do not become an Olympian overnight and there is no fast and easy way to get top rankings Google or other Search Engines. Both take time and there is no perfect formula to calculate how long it will take.

Build Your SEO Coaching Staff

The Olympians on our televisions at night have some of the very best coaches in their discipline. Some of the athletes even move across the country or to another country to train with their coach. Although it may come at a cost this coaching advice pays off.

To get rankings for your website your business must embrace the same strategy to excel. Do you have your SEO coaching team in place? How much experience does your SEO have?Has your SEO helped other websites achieve lasting ranking success? Do you get along with and enjoy working with your SEO?

Embrace the Lifestyle in Order to Excel

What makes one team win consistently? There are many talented people in the world but only a choice few win consistently. Consider Canada’s hockey teams. They are always top ranked, consistently intimidate the world with their skill and their Canadian trainers, coaches and athletes are sought after around the world.

This happens because Canada embraces the sport. From the time a child can hold a stick there are clinics, hockey leagues, afterschool games out back, tournaments, training, watching hockey on TV and so on. Hockey is part of Canada’s psyche. You could say that Canadians live and breathe hockey. And Canada consistently excels at it.

A winning approach to SEO is much like this. It should be ingrained in your website development, content marketing strategy, social marketing and so on. Along the way you should always ask yourself “How can we improve our SEO” and “What other opportunities are there for SEO?”

Being an Olympian Comes at a Cost

Finally we can draw a parallel between the cost it takes to become an Olympian and to become a topped ranked website within your industry. It takes focus, desire, skill and expertise. It also takes the investment of both time and money. It takes scoping out the competition and knowing what you need to do to be better. It also takes being proactive even when you are at the top.

Countries that improved their rankings in today’s Olympics spared no expense on building the coaching staff for their athletes and those companies that are excelling  with their online marketing have spared no expense in securing the best SEO consultants.

Do you have the commitment it takes to strike gold in the Search Engines? If you are ready to assemble a winning SEO team for your website contact one of our Search Engine consultants today by calling toll free 1-888-262-6687 or emailing us at