The Importance of Having A Steady SEO Campaign In Order To Build Rankings Over Time

A well-performing SEO strategy is built over time. SEO is a layered effect and can sometimes be a little game of “what came first, the chicken or the egg”.  That’s because many of the algorithms that a search engine uses in their rankings are based on so many different factors that work together.

For instance, what is your website’s user relevancy for the query? You might find that more competitive keywords are harder to achieve top rankings for; however, as you work on less competitive keywords the results for your other keywords improve as well.  This is because you’re updating your content, increasing your website traffic and generally putting in SEO efforts that contribute to the overall plan of attack.

SEO professionals and firms will have a phased approach for SEO. They will have top keyword phrase and their goals to achieve better rankings. They will also have secondary keywords and long-tail search queries that can build up to a lot of targeted, relevant traffic.

This phased, layered approach takes a steady delivery and ongoing efforts to achieve success.

SEO is not a one-shot kick at the can. In fact, the most successful SEO campaigns are the result of months or years of ongoing, steady effort all properly planned and executed in a systematic manner.


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