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For many businesses, their advertising measures have moved beyond traditional offline and online avenues to mobile marketing strategies. With so many people on their mobiles and tablets for so much of the day, mobile marketing allows businesses the opportunity to reach people with incentives, offers and messages wherever they’re at, in real time.

5 Advantages of Mobile Marketing

  1. You Reach Them in Real Time – most people are within reach of their mobile device at any given time. That means your mobile marketing efforts will reach them with barely a delay.
  2. Improved Data Management & Targeting – Targeting on a website relies heavily on cookies and IP information, both of which can change or be re-routed or dynamically assigned. Mobile marketing relies on mobile phone numbers which are individual to the user.
  3. Location Awareness – Mobile marketing firms can use location awareness to target people with offers, messages and incentives when they’re most likely to act because they are nearby that place of business.
  4. Fast & Direct – Text messages are generally concise and direct which can be of benefit in the world of advertising.
  5. Easy to Track – Mobile advertising is very easy to track which can help in your efforts to ensure accurate targeting and messaging.

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