Google AdWords

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Last week Google released a new helpful AdWords resources in their Help Center to keep you informed on all the new AdWords updates and tools and to help you understand how they work.

Check out the official Features of Google AdWords page and don’t miss out!

The latest updates on Google AdWords for February 2015 so far include:

  • Call ads that will only show on devices that can make phone calls (2/20/2015).
  • Flash ads automatically being converted to HTML5 on Google Display Network (2/17/2015).
  • Fixes to the AdWords editor to help with better performance (2/11/2015).
  • Ability to manage landing pages and tracking URLs separately for ads using upgraded URLs (2/9/2015).

The new AdWords latest updates page shows the last four months of updates to Google AdWords and will keep you updated from here on. With mobile advertising changing so rapidly this resource is a great way to stay current with AdWords mobile features too.

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