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Some companies that are working on energy conservation will be very busy over the next few years. If your company wants to be involved in this opportunity you must be either well known or easy to find. The Internet is the best opportunity to ensure you are part of this growing industry. This requires a good website built with website optimization features and the right information that includes keywords people would use to find your company, this will ensure the search engine knows what you offer so the right people can find your website.

Energy Conservation Opportunities include:

  • Home Energy Audits
  • Building Energy Audits
  • Clean Energy Alternatives
  • Hybrid Cars
  • Clean technology manufacturing

Over the next few years, billions of dollars will become available to companies providing single family home energy audits and products and services to make homes more energy efficient. Millions of homes will be audited each year in order to improve energy efficiency and home owners are looking at these programs as an opportunity to upgrade their homes and reduce energy costs in order to attain their portion of the rebates and incentive programs. This means that heating and air conditioning companies will need testers and equipment to perform the tests.

Many countries in the world have developed programs to weatherize single family homes and provide rebate programs for home upgrades. The weatherized homes will not only provide many opportunities for businesses to increase revenue but also save costs to home owners by reducing their energy bills by 20-40% in gas and electric bills. This will decrease the dependency on utility companies.

Companies like Retrotec Inc have been providing the equipment needed for energy audits and building envelope testing for over 25 years. They have a full range of equipment for contractors to enable them to test homes and buildings of any size.

The government is looking at doing energy audits on large building since they consume enormous amounts of energy, much of which is wasted due to improper envelope construction. This means the heating or cooling is leaking out of the buildings at an accelerated rate wasting energy. There are companies developing technologies to repair the buildings and make them more energy efficient. This also includes the development of green building incentive programs and improving the green building technology. The programs will include building audits and retrofit construction to make existing buildings more energy efficient.

Bio energy alternatives are being viewed much more seriously and enable bio energy related businesses more opportunities. Bio fuels can include biohydrogen, biomethanol, cellulosic ethanol, myco-diesel, Butanol, Bioalcohols just to name a few.

With the push to accelerate development of hybrid cars in order to encourage energy efficiency and save resources this will be an opportunity to for companies to gain exposure and funding in this area.

There are several ways to provide the visibility for your company or ideas as the energy conservation industry comes alive, but the Internet is one of the most cost effective high visibility options available. Website development and optimization for search engines of these companies’ websites are essential to getting the visibility and funding needed to develop their specialty products and services.