10 Tips To Increase Conversion Rates on Your Sales Page

If you build it they will come… or will they? When it comes to websites and online marketing, you have to do more than put content on a website to attract visitors to your website. Then, when you do finally get them there, you have to offer them the valuable information they are craving.


But, there’s more to it. After all, most businesses are trying to grow their business, sales revenues or mailing lists. That’s where conversions come in. If you want to convert more visitors on your sales page, you need to reel them in. A well-designed, well-marketed sales page is key.


  1. Ensure Your Offer Is Right For Your Audience
  2. Use Testimonials To Build Trust
  3. Do A/B Testing
  4. Ensure Your Page Design is Optimized For The Right Visitor (hint: a clean, fast-loading, easy-to-read and navigate page is optimal)
  5. Ensure Your Content is Scannable
  6. Choose The Right Images
  7. Have a Variety of Content Options (some people like to read, some like to listen, some like to watch and some like to scan)
  8. Optimize Your Form For Ease
  9. Try Different Call To Action Buttons As Visitors Go Down The Page
  10. Lose The Navigation


In other words, keep it simple and focus on the ease of use. Lead the visitors through a journey that entices them to buy or fill out the form. Use these tips and you should expect an increase in your conversion rate.