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When visiting a Search Engine, many ask, “How do I get my website to the top?”

The answer is Search Engine Optimization (also referred to as SEO).

SEO is an ongoing process of naturally improving the visibility of a website in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Studies show that higher ranked websites attract more visitors and enjoy higher levels of traffic. Overall, SEO can be considered a modern form of advertising for websites essential to reaching customers using Search Engines.

How important are Search Engines?

Search Engines are the primary way consumers navigate the web. This is evident in Google being the most visited site worldwide. But how did this come to be?

Over the years there has been a shift from a local to a global community which has affected nearly all aspects of life. In the business and advertising world, it has changed the way customers search and shop.

Printed material is being replaced by the internet. Customers are no longer reachable by the yellow pages, fliers or catalogues, which is evident in the decline of businesses spending money in these areas.

The new global community accesses its information through the internet. Consumers do their research online first before buying a product or service and Search Engines are the most effective way for searching consumers to reach your website.

How do Search Engines work?

Current day Search Engines are extremely sophisticated but the basics includes robots, indexes and algorithms.

Search Engines use smart software referred to robots or spiders that visit websites and crawl their pages to determine the content.

This information is then sorted and indexed in one of the Search Engines many databases so that it can be quickly and easily accessed when a search is performed.

Search queries are answered using complex search algorithms. These algorithms are simply a set of rules or guidelines that dictate which web pages will be shown in the Results pages and in what order.

How do I get listed in Search Engines?

There are two ways to get listed in Search Engines:

1. Organic SEO

Gradually improving your website so that it attracts Search Engines, gains popularity and provides more relevant content than competitors. While it takes resources and time to perform SEO there is no price charged by the Search Engines to move up organically in rankings

2. Inorganic PPC

Paying a price premium to Search Engines to include your website in sponsored or paid listings. While this method gains instant rankings it incurs a cost each time the webpage is clicked on by a searcher and the rankings instantly disappear as soon as you stop paying.

What are the Key Search Engine Optimization Services?

Organic SEO Services are focused on:

  • Analyzing the individual website and its server to ensure that it is properly configured for the Search Engines to visit and index
  • Picking high traffic keyword phrases that will attract the right customers searching in the SE
  • Incorporating the targeted keyword phrases into high quality, original content throughout the website
  • Ongoing link building to improve the popularity and credibility of the website
  • Reporting on the effectiveness of achieving rankings, attracting traffic, converting visitors and earning a positive Return on Investment

Inorganic or Paid Search Engine Advertising Services are focused on:

  • Bidding on keyword phrases
  • Writing high quality sales copy for the Ad Text
  • Creating high converting custom landing pages for search visitors

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