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Regional search engine optimization in Canada and the U.S. encompasses:

  1. Canadian companies and website owners who utilize search engine optimization and professional SEO services and strategies to target local Canadian and U.S. markets.
  2. U.S. companies and website owners who utilize search engine optimization and professional SEO services and strategies to target local U.S. markets and/or Canadian customers

With the recent localization changes within Google’s algorithm, it is making it harder for both countries to achieve regional search engine optimization unless specific server and domain requirements are met. This can be confusing to website owners and online businesses, as it can result in a tremendous decrease in traffic and sales.

Country Specific Server Requirements

Research indicates that your server needs to be located within the country you are targeting.

If you are targeting two or more countries then you would need to have your website on a server located within each of these countries. Although you can mirror the websites, where an exact copy of your website is located on each server within each country, each website will need to have that country as a specific top level domain.

Country Specific Domain Requirements

Each copy of your website that is located on a server within each country you wish to target will need to have the top level domain associated with that country. For example:

  1. The server targeted and located within the U.S. will need to have a .com, .net, .org or .us top level domain
  2. The server located in Canada will need to have the .ca domain extension associated with it

The potential problem that can arise with this is the potential for one of these websites to be marked “duplicate content” and then be removed from Google’s index; it is imperative that you tell Google which site is targeted for which country and which one belong in which index.

1st on the List Professional SEO Services

Our team of professional SEO experts can help you with the proper server and domain configurations that will allow your site to reach multiple markets. Contact us today to learn more about our regional search engine optimization solutions.

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1st on the List Promotion Inc SEO services are available to U.S. businesses as well as website owners in all areas of Canada including the following Canadian Provinces and Cities:

British Columbia (Vancouver, Victoria, Vancouver Island)

Alberta (Calgary, Edmonton)

Ontario (Toronto, Ottawa)

Saskatchewan (Regina, Saskatoon)

Mantioba (Winnipeg)

For more information about regional search engine optimization in Canada or the US or to learn more about our professional SEO services please Contact us today or call 1st on the List Promotion Inc Toll-Free at 1-888-262-6687.

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