How to Evaluate Your Current SEO Provider

Our latest eBook came as a result of three or four business owners calling us in the same week who each made similar comments about having stacks of reports from their SEO company but no idea what they mean. Buried under charts and numbers they each came to the realization that they didn’t know what kind of results they were achieving.

If you are in a similar boat you can’t afford to miss this eBook. Topics include:

  • GOALS – You need to measure the right thing.
  • STRATEGY – You need a solid game plan in order to win.
  • IMPLEMENTATION – Work needs to be done in order to see results.
  • RANKINGS – Being #1 doesn’t always matter the most.,
  • TRAFFIC – People need to come to your site too!
  • RECOMMENDATIONS – Rely on your SEO for new opportunities and growth.
  • COMMUNICATION – When was the last time you spoke with your SEO?
  • REPORTS – Are you buried under loads of data?

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