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The Chrome 56 Update

Google has taken a very strong stance on website security over the last couple years and very soon its latest update will hit the web.

Set to release sometime late January 2017, the new Google Chrome 56 browser will label any HTTP website that collects passwords and credit card numbers as Not secure.

Have you complied with Google’s suggestion to make sure that your website is secure, whether or not your website collect sensitive information?

As time goes on, we are warned that Google will be even more strict and start labeling all insecure websites as Not Secure, even if they do not collect sensitive information.

Google will also begin giving even more favourable rankings to websites with SSL Certifications in place and HTTPS Everywhere active on all pages (and other areas) of a website. This is Google’s prerogative, and they are choosing to do so in an effort to make the Internet more secure for everyone.

How Do I Get Rid of the Not Secure Warning?

If you are a website owner, and your site is already deemed, or might be deemed, Not Secure by Google, you need to purchase an SSL Certificate through a Certificate Authority (CA) and have it installed on your website. This will turn your website URLs to HTTPS, meaning that your site pages are secure.

Google suggests, in their article titled Secure Your Site With HTTPS that you “ensure a high level of security by choosing a 2048-bit key.”

At 1st on the List, we have chosen to work with DigiCert because they satisfy the encryption standards that Google expects you to have for HTTPS Everywhere. We can help you install the 2048-bit key and implement the required site changes.

How Do I Start Implementing HTTPS?

The best way to begin implementing HTTPS is to give 1st on the List a call and chat with one of our SSL experts. They’ll need to know how many sites you have, how many subdomains each site might have, and some other details about your organization.

HTTPS Everywhere not only appeases Google, it will make your visitors happy because you invested the time and effort to prioritize their privacy and security needs. It can also help protect your organization from the liability of security breaches.

Call 1st on the List today about your SSL Certificate and discuss how HTTPS should be your next step toward creating a safer Internet for everyone.

At 1st on the List, we’ve been talking about the importance of HTTPS and SSL for a couple years. Here are some other articles we have written on this topic:

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