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A recent study published by Harris Interactive shows that 9 out of 10 Americans associate negative feelings towards brands with poorly performing mobile experiences.

Other common negative feelings towards bad mobile experience included being annoyed (75%), frustrated (69%) along with distrust (19%), anger (13%) and disrespect (12%) to the brand.

Most of the time we relate a positive mobile website experience to proper screen sizes and an easy to use navigation but this study shows that there are other important mobile website features that visitors value, including:

  1. It works whenever they need it (75%)
  2. It is fast and has no waiting time (65%)
  3. It performs as expected (62%)
  4. It doesn’t crash (53%)

All of these expectations help to form our Mobile Website Best Practices in 2013.

The key takeaway here, which agrees with everything we have been reading and observing on our clients’ websites, is that people expect efficient, functioning website experiences from their Smartphone, Tablet, Mobile Device and Desktop.

Whenever and wherever they need it.

Here are some mobile website statistics and highlights from additional studies on Mobile Website Experiences to get you thinking more about how your website’s mobile experience:

Smartphone and Tablet Owners Respond to Mobile-Optimized Sites


  • 75% of smartphone owners consider the look and feel of a mobile website when deciding whether to purchase from it.
  • Consumers are quick to reward brands for positive mobile experiences.
  • 44% say they wouldn’t return to a mobile site that does not function properly or isn’t appealing.


Poor Mobile App Experience Would Drive 1 in 3 to a Competitor


  • 56% of mobile website application users report issues such as freezing, crashing and errors when accessing branded apps.
  • Only 16% give an app 2 or more attempts if it failed to work.
  • If an app does not work, consumers are less likely to use the app (48%), switch to a competing app (34%) tell others about the bad experience (31%) and be less likely to purchase from the company (31%).


Smartphone Users Reward Mobile-Friendly Sites, Punish Laggards


  • 2/3 Smartphone internet users are more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly site.
  • 3/4 Smartphone internet users would return to one in the future.
  • 1/2 of respondents said even if they liked a business they would use it less often if its website failed to meet their mobile-friendly standards.


For more information on Mobile Websites view our Understanding Mobile Website Infographic or learn about our Mobile Website Design Services page.

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