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Chances are in the first five minutes of researching how to improve website quality and ranking you’ll notice that most resources reference back to the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focusing on these four primary areas:

  • Website Content
  • Website Design and Structure
  • Social Marketing
  • Link Profile

While you must continue to create extraordinary products and services for your clients, the truth is that these four primary areas are absolutely fundamental to effective SEO and how to improve website quality and ranking.

Have you considered how continuing to work and grow these areas will improve your online presence as a whole?

Improve Your Website and Add Relevant Content

We’ve all heard it before but just to make sure we are all on the same page, let’s say it again; content is king!

The more quality content you have the more the search engines can read your website and understand your company.

Don’t get caught up on building new content just for the Search Engines. Take the task of concise relevant content building to improve website relevant but also get a double benefit:

  1. Focus on building new content to improve your visitor experience
  2. While optimizing for your targeted keywords

The end result is getting content visitors actually want to read that is visible and relevant to the Search Engines.

Any new content added to your website will improve website quality and visitor experience. Try writing and optimizing new content about:

  • New Or Future Products and Services
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Staff Performance
  • Corporate Events
  • Community Involvement
  • How To’s And Guides
  • Frequently Asked Questions

In an online world with oceans of content “ordinary” or “sub par” content is no longer enough. Your content needs to be stimulating and interesting.

Keep in mind that as you improve website relevant and quality you naturally make it easier to be social and grow your link profile as well.

Upgrade & Improve Website Design

A solid search engine optimization foundation is built on solid website structure, server setup and navigation but even these can use the occasional upgrade to improve website look and functionality.

Keep upgrading your website to follow current SEO best practices, which makes it easier for the Search Engines to navigate the site but will also help out your visitors.

Create an easy to use, sensible navigation that makes it impossible for visitors to get lost. Develop a system to improve your website with new content on a regular basis so your updated design has something to showcase.

Don’t risk losing visitors and customers. It’s difficult to keep their interest with a stale, dated website or one where they can never find what they are looking for. If a visitor gets irritated because of limited website function most likely they just won’t return.

Get Social for the Right Reasons and Contribute

Just think of how it makes you feel if someone wants to befriend you but they have ulterior motives. It becomes very clear, very fast.

The online social world is no different. If you start a Twitter, Facebook, Linked In or Google+ account because everyone else is doing it or for the sake of shameless promotion, it will show.

One of the key factors to running a successful social networking campaign is showing a genuine and relevant interest in others lives … while asking for nothing in return.

If you want to give it a try, create (or revamp) your social networks in conjunction with your website improvements so that you can update clients and followers with new information they will find interesting and exciting.

You can use the networks to share your thoughts and promote your business but balance this by interacting with your followers and addressing their needs as well.

Establish yourself as a thought leader or authority and show your followers they can trust you (this reputation should flow freely between your online and offline marketing).

Even if you don’t see immediate SEO value from your social media, apply what you learn to your business. Is there reoccurring negative feedback about your products? Is there an unfulfilled need out there that you can develop a service to fulfill and in turn, help improve website performance or exposure?

Grow Your Link Profile and Improve Website Support System

We know that as soon as you lose the interaction and engagement with your customers in the offline world you’re in trouble. The same goes for the online world.

One of the key ways Google and other Search Engines gauge this interaction is through your link profile that should be built by reputable people and organizations who like your brand. This helps the Search Engines see that others are responding to your brand in a positive way and that you are worth promoting to new people.

Find ways to organically or naturally build and improve website links by being a good business. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Get involved in your community and earn links as a sponsor for local organizations
  • Join your local Chamber of Commerce
  • Impress your customers and have them write reviews on your Google Places page
  • Do research or write case studies that others will naturally want to promote
  • Host a community event and send out online press releases

Creating an online or virtual buzz about your company may seem difficult at first. Instead of being put off, get creative and find ways to reinforce your offline buzz in the online world so you can continue to grow your website support system.

Best Practices for Improving Your Website

Focusing on these areas for the pure sake of SEO can be discouraging and time consuming, even for the best and most experienced search engine optimization consultants.

But when you focus on these areas and remain committed to your goals for the sake of growing improving your online business you can take on a whole new positive perspective that encourages success.

How else have you taken SEO best practices and used them to improve your overall online business strategy?

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