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As we near the 4 week countdown to the holidays this blog post by Fathom Online Marketing caught our attention. If you operate an e-Commerce Site you will find this E-Commerce Holiday Hot List a worthwhile read as it provides 10 practical ways to make your website more user friendly before the holiday shopping season gets into high gear.

Our top three favorite pieces of advice in the article:

  • Add new shipping options to ensure that your orders arrive on time
  • Add gift cards as a feature for shoppers who don’t know what to buy
  • Add incentives and promotions (we all know that everyone likes to get a deal!)

Our own piece of advice:

Consider running a Pay Per Click Campaign to provide an extra boost in traffic this holiday season. Target your most popular items to attract visitors and provide incentives to help up sell on subsequent orders.

We can help you implement a Pay Per Click Campaign that will help your traffic and sales as 2011 comes to a close:

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