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Unless your duplicate content is in direct violation with a copyright, duplicate content will do little harm to your website in terms of rankings. With that said however, it also provides no real benefit, other than providing information to your visitor.

Search Engines only credit the first website it crawls and indexes with the authorship of the content. The second or third page (and so on) will get no credit for the duplicate content and repeating the content on the site will not help improve rankings.

This is also applicable if the duplicate content exists on your website. This commonly occurs inadvertently when sites have “printer friendly” versions of pages, mobile targeted pages or products listed by several distinct URLs.

For resellers who import product descriptions from the manufacturers, this is a very important concept to understand. If the exact product description is already on another website – it won’t help you! Instead, create a new unique product description that is both informative and compelling and 100% original. This will set you apart from all of the other resellers using the exact same product descriptions provided by the manufacturer!

Read Google’s general guidelines on Duplicate Content posted on their Websmasters Tools Help.

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