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This was true in previous years when big sites with a lot of pages always seemed to rank better than smaller sites.

However, thanks to the sophistication of Search Engines, the quality of the website plays a much larger factor in determining rankings. Creating a lot of web pages just for the sake of having a large website will likely hurt your rankings; creating web pages that purposefully support your products and services (and support each other) will likely help your rankings.

The reason that some people may still feel that larger websites rank better than small websites is because larger websites are generally owned by large corporations or brands recognized around the world. These popular companies have huge resources to invest in their websites and to perform search engine optimization. These sites also naturally attract a lot of visitors, attention and backlinks – which are a large factor in ranking algorithms.

If you are a small company or own a small website – do not be discouraged – it is possible to rank very well for your relevant keyword phrases with a website that has only five to ten pages.

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