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Websites strive to achieve top rankings because the top spots always get the most clicks and visitors. This may seem obvious but the difference between Position 1 and Position 10 is quite astounding:

“A change in rank from 10 to 1 [in Bing] will generate approximately 1650% more traffic and associated sales.” (Slingshot SEO)

But can we assume that these results and CTRs are equal across both Google and Bing?

Do Bing and Google have the same CTRs?

A recent study performed by Slingshot SEO reports that Bing has as significantly lower CTR for its home page. The top 10 ranked websites on Bing only get 26.32% of clicks while the top 10 ranked websites on Google get nearly double the amount of clicks (52.32%).

Here’s how the two search engines compare across the Top 10 positions.

Why is there a difference in CTRs?

While some may jump to the conclusion that Bing’s results are not as accurate or relevant to searchers, causing a much lower CTR, a Search Engine Land article provides some insight on why else this may be:

  • Users are clicking elsewhere such as the ‘related searches’ option, paid results, images, videos news etc. or are going to Page 2
  • Bing’s demographics are very different and are made up of the older generation, skewed towards females
  • Many use Bing because it is their default search engine – as evident in 117 million searches for “Google” in Bing each month as searchers move over to Google

If you have been trying to optimize your website for Bing – don’t lose heart. Remember that Bing is termed the “decision engine” and that Bing often provides higher conversion rates. Keep striving to achieve better visibility in Bing just as you do for better visibility in Google.

Download Slightshot SEO’s Google & Bing Click-Through Rates Report here.

Learn more about the Search Engines by watching our Search Engine Optimization Tutorial Video.

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