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Find answers for the most frequently asked questions about Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, and other online marketing related topics right here on the 1st on the List company blog. For an answer to your SEO question drop us an email!

How Long Does SEO Take to See Results?

The popular SEO authority Search Engine Land recently shared an article by Stephan Spencer titled, “Understanding & Explaining A Realistic SEO Timeline”.

While there has never been a simple answer to the age old question How long does SEO take to kick in,  Spencer explains several factors that can impact your SEO timeline and how […]

Why is my website slow?

Website speed matters. In fact it is one of our main priorities when helping our clients optimize their websites. Site speed affects how well your website ranks, how much traffic you get from the Search Engines and how your visitors engage on the website. Ultimately, a slow website speed can cost you a lot […]

In Answer to Your Questions

Recently a business owner emailed us with some good questions about us as he was obviously searching for a new SEO company to hire. We felt we should share these with everyone as these are the types of questions (and more importantly answers) that will help you find an ethical and experienced SEO provider. […]

Do you receive these SEO Spam Email Messages?

If you have email addresses listed on your website chances are you can get quite a bit of spam and unsolicited messages. We get quite a few emails a day from companies trying to sell us their SEO, SEM, Design and IT services.

Here are just a few examples of emails we get on a […]

Does Search Optimization Still Work and Is SEO Worth It?

Last week an interesting study by Econsultancy in partnership with Adestra came across my desk thanks to MarketingCharts.com. The headline read “Global Marketers Still Rate SEO … as Tops for ROI”

The study found that 3/4 global marketers rated SEO as being either “excellent” or “good” when it comes to Return On Investment. This makes […]

25 SEO Terms You Need to Know

Knowing that S-E-O stands for “Search Engine Optimization” may seem like just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to SEO vocabulary, terms and definitions.

Here are 25 of the most popularly used terms when it comes to learning SEO, speaking with your SEO Company and optimizing your website.

Algorithm or Search Algorithm – a […]

I’m writing some new content for my website. Can you give some pointers for designing the layout of the pages?

When writing new content keep in mind how you typically read (or ‘scan’) a web page for the first time. Typically, people spend the first 8 to 12 seconds scanning the page to see if it contains what they are looking for.
Studies show people scan the pages using an “F” pattern or “F Behavior”.
Visitors […]

What is the importance of keyword tags these days?

Keyword meta tags are included in the HTML code (source code) of each page:
The original purpose of a keyword tag was to help Search Engines understand the content of the page by listing the most important words within the text. Over time people began to take advantage of boosting their listings by placing popular […]

Is it true that the size of a website affects its rankings?

This was true in previous years when big sites with a lot of pages always seemed to rank better than smaller sites.

However, thanks to the sophistication of Search Engines, the quality of the website plays a much larger factor in determining rankings. Creating a lot of web pages just for the sake of having […]

Is there a quick way to tell which of my web pages are indexed by Google?

Go to Google and search “Site:[website]”. 

The search results list all of the pages that Google has in its index for your website. You should note that these pages are listed in order of importance, as determined by Google.
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For more information about Search Engine Optimization or any of our other services at 1st […]