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Have you been thinking about search engine optimization services (SEO) but not yet convinced that your website could benefit from it?

What follows are 7 telling signs that your website can benefit from search engine optimization services:

Concern: You Can’t Find Your Website on Google

The most commonly cited concern that website owners have is that they can’t seem to find their own website when they search on Google. This is a legitimate concern. If you type in some of your key products plus your location and you still can’t find your website then most likely your existing customers and potential new customers can’t find you either!

Benefit: Search engine optimization services can help you get ranked in Google for the most relevant keyword terms customers use to search for and find your website. By being first on the results lists you increase the chances of searchers choosing your page from the results and visiting your site.

Concern: You Can Only Be Found In Google by Your Company Name

While being found for your brand is a good start it is far from where you need to be. The majority of searchers may not be familiar with your brand as yet. If your website can only be found for your company name and searchers do not know what your company name is as yet, they won’t be able to find you. You must also be found for the keywords searchers are using to find the products and services that you offer.

Benefit: Search engine optimization services can help you be visible and generate a steady stream of new traffic, new sales leads and ultimately, new sales.

Concern: Your Main Competitors Are Outranking You

It’s a fact that the top two positions get 60% of all the search traffic click-throughs. Being listed below your competitors puts you at a significant disadvantage and causes you to lose high levels of potential traffic. Instead of finding your site, searchers go to your competitors’ sites. Furthermore, most searchers tend to visit two or three websites at the most. If you are ranked 4th behind your top three competitors this means your potential customers will never even visit your site!

Benefit: Top listings throughSearch engine optimization services will allow potential customers to choose your site over your competitors. By outranking your competitors your market share increases at the expense of the competition!

Concern: You Can’t Seem To Get Top Ranking on Your Own

If you have been trying to do SEO in-house and it doesn’t seem to be working, or perhaps you don’t seem to be making any visible progress in your quest for first page rankings – then it may be time to seek the help of professional SEO consultants.

Benefit: By hiring a professional SEO company you not only get their expertise, but you should begin to see results sooner plus, you will also free up your time and improve your productivity. You can devote more of your schedule to your core competencies and focus in on doing what you do well and leave the SEO work to the professionals.

Concern: You Are Unsure How to Measure Your SEO Efforts

Perhaps you are doing SEO and are beginning to see traction and rankings for many of your keywords. But do you know how to measure your results to improve on the benefits your listings are bringing you? Is your traffic increasing, are more customers completing your quote request forms; do your visitors spend more time on your site?

Benefit: With search engine optimization services you can carefully track your website’s progress and use tracking software to make improvements to your site design, keyword phrases and webpage content.

Concern: You Get Very Few Email, Phone & Contact Form Leads from Your Website

If your website has clear contact information such as a phone number, email address or even a contact form but you are still not getting the leads or inquiries you think you should be getting then your website obviously not performing as good as it should be.

Benefit: Search engine optimization can help bring more qualified traffic to your website that is more likely to convert and contact your company with interest in doing business.

Concern: You Are Only Relying On PPC to Bring In Search Traffic

Since pay-per-click (PPC) earns you immediate results and immediate traffic it can sometimes be mistakenly used as an alternative to SEO. However, SEO improves your website and your website performance for the long term and is the preferred online marketing option. We recommend that you do not replace SEO with PPC but instead, utilize PPC until your SEO optimization efforts begin to work for you. The two best perform when used together.

Benefit: Search engine optimization services make your website better whereas PPC listings appear less credible than organic (SEO) listings by most online searchers. Since it takes time to earn rankings and a first place ranking is like an endorsement by Google, most searchers trust organic rankings more than they do PPC. Furthermore, if you pause your SEO campaign you will not immediately lose traffic as you would by pausing your PPC campaign.

Do any of these warning signs apply to your website?

If it’s time to call a professional Search Engine Optimization company consider 1st on the List Promotion. With nearly 15 years of experience in the industry our SEO consultants know exactly how to get your website ranking and generate high traffic.

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