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SEO Web Design vs DIY website buildersThanks to YouTube, Pinterest and the Internet as a whole we live in a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kind of world.

You can find instructions on how to do just about anything from changing your bathroom faucet to dying your hair and everything in between.

There can be several benefits of DIY including cost savings and a superior finished product that you couldn’t buy elsewhere.

When deciding whether to do a DIY project we assess the amount work involved, the likelihood we’ll succeed and the risk involved if it doesn’t turn out how we picture.

Consider What’s on the Line When it Comes to Your Website

I started to do a search for “how to make …” and one of the top suggestions was “how to make your own free website”. Have you ever looked up how to make your own website or thought how hard could it be?

Essentially your website is your virtual storefront. To many it is the only storefront they’ll ever see. Your website could be the first and only impression you make on potential new customers as they search online. You have a lot to lose if your website doesn’t do its job properly.

Do you have what it takes for DIY Website Design?

Should you design your own website? Consider these questions:

  • Is it more affordable to hire a web designer in the long run?
  • Do you have the time required to devote to the project?
  • Do you want to put the effort into managing your website?
  • Is your time better spent elsewhere? What is your time worth?
  • Do you have the technical and promotional skills required to build a website?

Common Shortcomings of a DIY Web Deisgn

When resorting to a DIY website most business owners choose a “free” or fairly inexpensive DIY website builder where they are confined to a set template and can only change very basic elements on the page. Many times these limitations prevent the website from doing what you really want it to and can even prevent the Search Engines from properly evaluating your website. You could also be stuck paying monthly fees to the website design tool you use, which could get expensive over time.

Another common option is finding a graphic designer to take your vision and layout of a website and making it a reality with HTML code. These websites can look great but could lack key components including easy navigation, user friendliness, trust signals, readability by the Search Engines, and so on. This method could also take up a lot of your time plus the cost of a graphic designer can really add up with each change you request.

Many DIY websites are hard to find in Google because they lack proper source code optimization and signals that help Google understand what the website is about and when to show the website to searchers.

Do you have a DIY website?

You could have a DIY website if …

  • Your website looks unprofessional or is poorly branded
  • It’s hard to find your website in Google when you do a search for your business name
  • The navigation is hard to use
  • Fonts and colors make it hard to read content on the website
  • There are broken links making it hard to move between pages
  • Lacks basic elements such as Testimonials, About Page, interactive Contact Page
  • You feel constricted to editing in specific fields and don’t have the freedom to really do what you want

Is it time for a professional SEO Web Design?

Let’s put this into everyday perspective:

You are getting married and need a wedding gown. Do you sew your own dress? Do you order a dress online? Do you go to an upscale bridal boutique?

You are ready to sell your home. Do you list it as “for sale by owner”? Do you sell it through a “for sale by owner” real estate company? Do you hire the highest performing real estate agent in your community?

Your car is making weird sounds. Do you look under the hood yourself even though you only know how to change the oil? Do you take it to a friend who’s hobby is mechanics? Do you take the vehicle to the car dealership you purchased it from a year ago?

In most of these instances we can see the obvious benefits and payoffs of turning to an expert in our time of need.

When it comes to your business does it make sense to be building your own website? More importantly can you tolerate the risk of harming your website, limiting the flow of new customers and preventing new sales because you designed your own website?

Benefits of SEO Web Design – Even Better Than DIY!

At 1st on the List our SEO web design services enable DIY’ers to achieve all their goals: cost savings and freedom to make changes as they need.

WIth SEO Web Design options starting at $1495 we help our clients become intelligent DIY’ers with:

  • Easy to manage and attractive websites designed in WordPress
  • SEO-ready websites that the Search Engines love to crawl
  • Training on how to add new pages, pictures, blog posts and more
  • Affordable ongoing maintenance support to help when the job goes beyond your comfort level
  • Expert consulting on how to keep the website as Search Friendly as possible.

Stop trying to be a DIY’er on your own and let us lend a hand! We’ll dot the i’s and cross your t’s to make sure your website is an attractive and visible storefront allowing you to get back to running your business and focusing on what really makes you money.

Call us today at 888-262-6687 to get started with one of our SEO Friendly Website Design packages.

Chris Genge

Chris Genge is the Founder and CEO of 1st on the List. Since 1997 he has helped hundreds of companies across North America with his technical expertise and practical upfront approach to Search Optimization and Digital Marketing. As a pioneer in his field, Chris has the ability to help clients set goals and achieve results all while fostering growth and teamwork amongst his incredible team of SEO experts and Web Designers.