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Instagram Explained in 5 Minutes

Instagram is the fastest growing social media site worldwide with 23% growth in active users in the last six months alone. Users can spend hours scrolling through great photos posted by their friends, favorite celebrities, brands and products, bloggers, TV networks, and more.

There are over 300 million users who share up to 60 million […]

How Higher Click Through Rates Help Maintain Your Higher Rankings

Once your site achieves a first page search engine ranking, your listings’ click through rate plays an important factor in whether it will remain there.  Once you learn how to increase your click through rate it will not only help you keep that top ranking, but also improve your rankings over time.

Obtaining a high […]

The Newbie’s Guide: What is Search Engine Optimization and How Does it Work?

Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) just a buzz phrase you hear floating around the office among your colleagues?

In this article our goal is to help you understand SEO better by explaining the fundamentals of how Search Engines work, what Search Engines need to rank your website and how we “SEO” a website in an […]

Why is my website slow?

Website speed matters. In fact it is one of our main priorities when helping our clients optimize their websites. Site speed affects how well your website ranks, how much traffic you get from the Search Engines and how your visitors engage on the website. Ultimately, a slow website speed can cost you a lot […]

Do Rotating Banners Hurt Website Usability and Create Distrust?

Do you use a rotating banner on your website?

Then recent research by Stanford University may be of interest to you.

Stanford University researchers have just released a study showing the effects of rotating banners and website popularity. It is not the glowing report that website designers may have hoped for. What seemed like the perfect […]

5 SEO Tweaks You Can Make When Updating Your Website

Every day we work with bloggers, marketing coordinators and receptionists who are all tasked with the job of keeping their company’s website current and updated.

This may involve updating website pages, adding new products, blogging about events and even running social media. While they have an intimate knowledge of their brand and products as well […]

Does the New CASL Law in Canada Affect Your Website?

It has been just over one month since CASL, the new Canada anti-spam law, regulating email and other commercial electronic marketing came into effect. These CASL regulations are having a huge impact on businesses around the world.

According to Canadian government’s official Fight Spam website,
“If you use electronic channels to promote or market your organization, […]

A Winning SEO Strategy from the Get-Go

Looks matter.

But as all of our mothers told us as children, Never judge a book by its cover and It’s what’s inside that counts.

Think about a house built without a solid foundation – it’s just waiting to blow down with the first change in the wind or a sudden rainstorm. Websites are much like this. […]

How to Draw Qualified Customers to your Website

Today’s online marketplace has become a Mecca for high end and expensive graphic design. Many are spending thousands on the professionally designed websites and countless hours on focusing on what and how they will sell online:

Affiliate marketing
Ad Sense marketing
Click bank

The problem is that you can have the greatest looking website known to man, or […]

In Answer to Your Questions

Recently a business owner emailed us with some good questions about us as he was obviously searching for a new SEO company to hire. We felt we should share these with everyone as these are the types of questions (and more importantly answers) that will help you find an ethical and experienced SEO provider. […]