SEO Website Redesign Services
Prevent Traffic Drop

The reasons to redesign a website are as varied as the website business owners.

Whether you want to update the look of your website, improve site navigation or employ Professional Search Engine Optimization Services to increase your current website listings and traffic, it is imperative that you follow SEO Best Practices.

Before Launching a Website Redesign

Ask yourself this important question:

How can I do a website redesign without losing my website traffic or rankings?”

If you need help, hire our Vancouver SEO company because we fully understand search engine optimization and Search Engine Friendly Website Design, plus we offer SEO website redesign services, where search engine optimization is built right into the web redesign process. We can also help you with Mobile Website Design Services.

This is critical if you want to:

  • Retain and improve on your existing listings
  • Retain and increase your website traffic
  • Increase leads, conversions and sales
  • Protect whatever search engine credit your current web pages may enjoy

Website Redesign Means Embracing Change

Improving the look of your website is important but sometimes change is also necessary on the back-end.

When website redesign and SEO are done properly (employing SEO best practices) there can be a lot of changes.

For instance, your existing web pages may take too long to load so web page redesign might be the only answer. Or, your server may have a history of going down too often so it might be necessary to change host servers.

These are critical areas that need to be addressed so expect and embrace the necessary changes.

As well, you now have a great opportunity to also implement search engine optimization services… during the website redesign process, particularly if your old web pages were never optimized for the search engines.

Key Areas of SEO Website Redesign

Key areas to consider during the SEO friendly website redesign program might include:

  • Changing your domain name
  • Changing your URLs and URL structure
  • Creating SEO friendly redirect URLs (301 redirects)
  • Changing your host server setup
  • Adding SEO friendly content to your site
  • Improving your Website Architecture & Navigation
  • Updating to an SEO friendly CMS System (if applicable)
  • Plus much more!

When to Implement SEO with Web Redesign

It is a lot easier and a lot less expensive to include search engine optimization services “during” a website redesign, especially if you are adding new elements to your website like an SEO friendly CMS system, an eCommerce system, mobile SEO, video or social media.

As stated, chances are if your website has any kind of history your existing web pages will already have traffic and some level of credit and reputation with the search engines.

Don’t let your new web redesign cause you to lose any of your page credit or the traffic you have worked so hard to attain.

Ask Us About Website Redesign Services

Let us help you with your website redesign. Our SEO friendly website redesign services ensure that all necessary changes are executed properly and set up according to proper search engine guidelines.

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