What Do Customers Want from Your Website?

Did you know that the first impression of a website is formed in less than 50 milliseconds? That means you have just 0.05 seconds to prove yourself. To most visitors your website isn’t just a website. It’s your company, your brand, your personality and often […]

Could this Simple Change Build Website Visitor Trust?

A recent study conducted by BrightLocal set out to find if images are a powerful trust factor on local business websites. Take a minute to stop and consider BrightLocal’s reasoning: Consumers arriving at a website may not be actively looking for photos of a business, but […]

Are You Making These Costly SEO Image Optimization Mistakes?

Google estimates that 50% of today’s online marketplace is driven by image content. More than ever people are relying on image search results to answer their questions or to search for new ideas. Although image optimization for SEO can seem tedious the costs of not optimizing […]

23 Benefits of Using Videos on Websites

A recent study released by Animoto states that online product videos boost purchase likelihood. This had us asking the question “Does the average business and website owner know all the benefits of putting videos on their website?” In case the answer was “no” we sat […]

6 Search Engine Optimization Factors
to Stay Current and Ranked

Search Engine Optimization is all the rage today and it seems that every marketing firm and marketing department attempts to do some justice to “search engine optimizing” websites. A lot has happened in the background since the advent of Yahoo Search in 1995 to speed […]