Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wishing all of our clients, acquaintances and colleagues a very wonderful Christmas season with continued prosperity into the New Year. Many of our staff are taking some extra time to spend with friends and family over the week of Christmas. For immediate assistance please leave a […]

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YouTube Videos for Business Marketing and SEO

A recent study by Walker Sands (2014 Future of Retail) finds that 1 in 2 consumers say that YouTube videos have influenced a purchase decision. Are you creating YouTube videos for your business yet? Not only do YouTube videos influence purchase decisions YouTube videos can […]

Part 3: Your Action Plan for the Hummingbird Algorithm Update

In Part 3 of our Hummingbird Algorithm Update series we will focus on practical actions you can do within your SEO and content strategy to benefit from Google’s Hummingbird algorithm update. Let’s dive right in. 1. Be mobile-friendly. If you haven’t already now is the […]

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Part 2: How Does Hummingbird Affect SEO? The Big Picture

In this second part of our five part series (read Part 1 here) we will discuss 4 ways Hummingbird will affect your SEO strategy. We are hoping these concepts will change the way you approach SEO and  spark  ideas of how to improve your strategy […]

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Do you receive these SEO Spam Email Messages?

If you have email addresses listed on your website chances are you can get quite a bit of spam and unsolicited messages. We get quite a few emails a day from companies trying to sell us their SEO, SEM, Design and IT services. Here are […]